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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Indigestion During this Festive Season

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Indigestion During this Festive Season

Filipino celebrations are not complete without the usual delectable feast and many times we can’t just help but lose our count of the amount of food we take or the booze or spirits we drink. Then, we experience this sudden bloated feeling in our stomach which we call empacho.

Empacho, indigestion, or dyspepsia is the feeling of fullness, burning pain in the stomach, mostly as result of too much eating and alcohol-drinking and mismatched food combinations. It can also cause shortness of breath, chest pains, and vomiting.

So when you know you can’t help but eat a lot on New Year’s Eve or before any event, we have listed some ways you can do to prevent that indigestion from striking. This can also be helpful to people with hyperacidity, gastritis, and ulcer.


1. Eat breakfast.

Many people prepare for a buffet night or a party by skipping breakfast and lunch without knowing it will just upset the stomach upon sudden eating which will trigger indigestion and heartburn.

Tip: Eat fiber-rich breakfast to prepare the stomach for the big night. That is better than to not eat at all.

2. Drink tea.

Each kind of tea has its own benefits that are helpful depending on the needs of a person. But to avoid indigestion, it is advisable to drink green tea at at least two cups a day, prior and on the big night to boost metabolism and help in digestion.

Tip: Put some ice and lemon to your tea to give it a taste.

3. Take smaller portions.

When you are in a buffet table, it is tempting to get a lot of your favorite caldereta, lechon, or pasta. However, the tendency is that you are already full when you eat the other meal.

Tip: Get a smaller plate, fill it up with a smaller amount of each food on the table. That way, you will be able to control your eating plus you still have space for the next round of the party.

4. Eat slower.

This can help your stomach in digesting your food intake and will increase your metabolism. Plus, you can have pep talks with your family and friends in the middle of every bite.

5. Drink lots of water.

It is advisable to drink a glass of water every hour or 2 to make you feel full, not to mention hydrated. It can also help the stomach upon digestion.

If you think those are difficult to do and remember, here is the most effective way to avoid indigestion: control yourself and eat moderately. But we're sure, that is going to be the hardest.

Happy eating!




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