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In Focus: These 5 JaDine Songs will Always Make Us Believe in Forever

In Focus: These 5 JaDine Songs will Always Make Us Believe in Forever


It was a sad day for JaDine fans last January 20 when a joint statement by James Reid and Nadine Lustre was released on "Tonight with Boy Abunda," stating that the two have officially broken up. The former On the Wings of Love stars shared that they decided to focus on their careers and personal growth more this year since they're still young and want to achieve as much as they can for themselves. 

As much as we're heartbroken by the news, we respect their decision, especially since they decided to remain friends and colleagues when it comes to their passion which is music. After all, Nadine just signed an official contract under James' music label Careless last December, where he exclusively shared to us that when it comes to love songs, he only has one inspiration in mind. 

"When it comes to music, honestly, I write a lot of love songs. Since it's not easy to write about love songs, Nadine has got to be my number one inspiration when it comes to music. Other than that, it's just life experiences in general," he shares.

With all the romantic songs that they released together, we're excited for what's to come from these two promising artists this year! But while we're still waiting for new music from James and Nadine, here's a trip down memory lane! 

1. "No Erase" (2014)

Released in 2014, this is their first track together, which became part of the soundtrack of their debut movie Ang Diary ng Panget. Given the fact that the two were already known for their singing skills even before they became a love team, we're not surprised that everyone instantly fell in love and expected more duet songs fromJaDine!

2. "Bahala Na" (2014)

The OST of their second movie Talk Back and You're Dead, "Bahala Na" is the most popular song the two released because of the line "Naniniwala na ko sa forever," which became a popular #hugot expression! You got to admit that you've also said this at least a few times about your crush!

3. "Hanap-Hanap" (2015)

Part of James' album Reid Alert, this song became a hit because of the mid-tempo pop tune that made us feel the feels even if our love life was basically non-existent. That's why when it comes to the top love songs of the decade, we're proudly putting this on the list!

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4. "Prom" (2019)

A Sugarfree cover from their most popular film Never Not Love You, "Prom" is about telling your lover not to let you go whatever happens because you can't imagine spending the rest of  your life with anyone else. Although the MV was just the two of them recording the song, it still pierced our hearts like no other.

5. "Summer" (2019)

Out of all the tracks that they released, this was probably their best collab yet as they found their identity as musicians. Launched under James Reid's music label Careless, "Summer" is a ballad that perfectly complements their soothing vocals. Plus, the music video served #aesthetics goals!

Even though the two have already broken up, it doesn't change the fact that they've always been at their best when they make music together. And so as we begin a new chapter, we hope that they release more chart-toppers this year to continuously fill our JaDine hearts! 

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