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In Focus: 6 Smart Ways to Make Money in College

In Focus: 6 Smart Ways to Make Money in College


Managing finances can be tricky, and some financial mistakes can even take years to recover from. As a student, learning how to manage your finances at a young age is a must. It can seem intimidating, but, once you get the hang of it, it can also get quite rewarding!

Aside from budgeting and saving, being responsible about money also includes finding a way to acquire money that's not from your parents. While finding a part-time job is the first option, there are other ways to earn some cash without sacrificing a huge amount of your time. If you're curious, here's a roundup of economically smart hacks that won't force you to compromise your studies.

1. Become a tutor.

This might be an obvious option, but there's a reason why it's still a top choice for most college students to do as a side-hustle. If you excel in one or two courses, you’re already one step ahead of the students who need some extra help and are willing to pay for it! Whether it’s a high school student or a fellow schoolmate in the university, it's unquestionably a smart way to earn money using your stock knowledge! 

2. Sell your textbooks.

In all honesty, college textbooks can be expensive, that's why there's a lot of college students who are on the lookout for discounted prices. If you have textbooks just sitting in your room or locker that you don't use anymore because you've already passed that subject, rather than throwing it in the trash, why not just sell them for a reasonable price to other students or a secondhand bookshop?

3. Let others photocopy your notes and reviewers with a fee.  

If you're the type of student who always takes notes or makes reviewers before the exam, then we have good news for you! Students who are willing to buy reviewers or notes just because they're too lazy to make one do exist. And even if you already passed that subject, we're sure that the ones who haven't taken that subject yet are interested to buy your notes and reviewers to give them a good start! 

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4. Start a freelancing job.

Whether it's photography or writing, freelancing is the most flexible way to make money on the side with your craft. For most freelance jobs, you can control your working hours, so you don't have to worry about it affecting your studies. Plus, it's also a great way to build your portfolio, gain experience, and connect with potential employers before you graduate. 

5. Be a babysitter.

Think of all of those moments when your a family member asked you to babysit their child while they're away. While it's nice that you do it for free, you can actually earn from it if you're in dire need of money. There's also a lot of babysitting groups in the country, so if you're struggling or you don't want to charge your family for babysitting, consider looking for one with the help of these affliations. 

6. Work inside the campus.

From being a professor's assistant to a library associate, working inside the campus can help you make some extra cash! Since most of your days are spent in school, doing this as a side-hustle wouldn't certainly be a problem with your schedule, especially if you have long-hour breaks in between classes. 

Aside from satisfying your wants and luxuries, earning some extra dough can also be a great way to support your needs in school. It's always nice to be able to help your parents by funding yourself. We hope that the things we listed above will help you get started or, at least, inspire you to make extra money in college!

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