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In Focus: 5 Times Hwasa & Chunga Showed Their Support for Each Other

In Focus: 5 Times Hwasa & Chunga Showed Their Support for Each Other


Don't you just love how Chungha went from being a Mamamoo stan to being one of the closest girl friends of Hwasa? When you think about it, it's an absolute dream come true for any fangirl. And if we may just add, apart from the bond that she made with her idol, Chungha has also successfully followed Hwasa's footsteps of being a queen on stage herself!

But what we've come to love about them is how supportive they are of each other off-cam. Whether they're performing, being interviewed, or attending award shows, this duo never fails to brag about each other and prove their loyalty. We're just so happy that Hwasa and Chungha's friendship happened in real life or we wouldn't witness these moments!

1. Chungha fangirling over Hwasa

The K-pop soloist has been a proud MooMoo ever since that one time she wouldn't let anyone else hold her hand only because Hwasa gave her a high five during a music show. How she managed to handle it, we don't know, but the point is, ya girl made it!

2. Hwasa wanting to collab with Chungha

There's no way we can name a luckier stan than Chungha as it appears that the feelings are mutual with Hwasa. When she revealed that she would want to share a stage with Chungha in the future, we couldn't help but think that it would be the female collab of the century!

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3. Keeping each other company

Two friends that slay the music industry together, sit together at award shows. Yes, now that Chungha got Hwasa, she'll have someone next to her and won't be alone at events anymore, and vice versa if the latter's group isn't with her. Anyone who is in love with them and promises to protect them at all costs, okay, you can sit with us, too.

4. Cheering for each other

During the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards, Hwasa bagged the Artist of the Year for her solo single "Twit," and, of course, Chungha couldn't be happier for her. After being in awe of her acceptance speech, she went straight to give her new BFF the warmest hug. They really deserve a spot in our hearts!

5. Perfoming together

This is peak friendship goals: The pair did collaborate on the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun stage and danced to J Balvin and Willy William's "Mi Gente." Without any second thoughts we'll say that it's the most powerful performance we've ever seen, probably one of the most iconic stages of the last decade!

There's definitely no reasonable explanation as to why anyone would not love these two. What they have is everything we want in a friendship. It's Chungha and Hwasa, and there's no way we're letting them fall apart!

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