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3 Ways Filipino Families Celebrate New Year's Eve

3 Ways Filipino Families Celebrate New Year's Eve

Alright! We’re done with the Noche Buena. Next stop: New Year’s Eve! 

Filipinos really love celebrations. And one of the most celebrated holidays our country and the whole world is the New Year’s Eve. No matter what region you come from or religion you carry, it is never a doubt that the start of a new year is something we all look forward to.

Unlike the Christmas spirit, gift-giving and love-sharing, which can be celebrated the whole year, New year ‘s eve can only be done once, so we make the most out of it. How? Every family has their own way of celebrating this start-of-the-year holiday but it revolves with these three:


Auld Lang Syne: Old and Traditional

This celebration involves all the customs and traditions from our ancestors that we grew up hearing and practicing:

These may be old and outdated but many families still practice them with hope of a better and more prosperous year ahead.


Jingle Bell Rock: Loud and Modern

With our changing world, many customs and traditions have lost their stronghold in our lives, including some holiday traditions. 12 round fruits are not completed, chicken and fish are part of the media noche, doors and windows are not opened wide because of the smoke that comes from the outside, jumping of children is not practiced by many anymore.


Deck the Halls: Quiet and Contemporary

Although we are accustomed to a noisy and/or traditional way of celebrating New Year, some Filipinos have different one.


Whether you have an auld lang syne, decked hall, or rockin’ bell, as long you enjoy the night and be able to keep up with your loved ones, your New Year’s eve will never be just a night that will pass but one that will be remembered and look forward to the year ahead.


*Banner photo from, Inforgraphics by Jana Jimenez




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