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In Focus: How to Showcase Your Art If You're Still a Student

In Focus: How to Showcase Your Art If You're Still a Student


From not knowing where to start to having a fear of rejection, we get why it's daunting to promote your art as a student. But if you want to get a good head start in your career, producing art isn't enough. You also have to learn how to showcase it, because, after all, creating art can be more fulfilling when shared to and appreciated by others.

That's why to help you have a successful promotion as a student, we took the time to list down the simple and effective ways of targeting the specific audience you have in mind. If you're worried that this might affect your school schedule, we can assure you that you'll find it easy enough to maintain a balance!

1. Join an art organization in your school.

If you want to make your art relevant within a community that's closer to you in proximity, you don't have to look further than the four corners of your campus! You'll not only have a chance to make friends with students who are as artistic as you, but you'll also have a broader range of resources that can help you improve your art like workshops and club events. This is also one way of making your college life even more enjoyable!

2. Create an online portfolio.

The easiest way to put your art out there is putting it on the internet. To do this, the first thing you can do is develop an online art portfolio where you can direct people to see some of your work. While it's tempting to put all of your artwork online, you should curate your content and only put the best ones to give potential clients and even the media a great first impression. From websites like Behance and DeviantArt to social media platforms like Instagram, you can build your online portfolio with no sweat! 

3. Sell you artworks.

Aside from putting an online portfolio together, you can also showcase your art by letting your visitors purchaseyour pieces! What's great about this is that you're earning in doing something you're passionate about. From stickers and fan art to customized or commissioned work, we're sure that someone out there can relate to your style and story and would be willing to shed money just to have a piece of it!

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4. Compete in art contests.

One of the best exposures every student could get in terms of showcasing their art is by joining art contests. Don't worry because you don't necessarily have to win to gain exposure. Whether you got a consolation prize or simply became a finalist, it's already enough to launch your career and earn some well-deserved attention.

5. Attend art exhibits and fairs.

Building contacts is necessary to showcase your art as a student, so attending art exhibitions and fairs can give you the exposure you need to new art opportunities! Besides marketing your craft, you'll also engage with a lot of art fans, professional artists, and gallery owners outside of your school. When you do attend one, don't forget to bring your business card with a link to your online portfolio.

6. Collaborate with your friends.

There's a lot of artists out there who are in the same position as you, and we're sure that they're also looking for ways to showcase their art, so agreeing to cross-promote with an artist friend is a great strategy to start! Collaborating with another artist means more people will be aware of your work, even if it's just as simple as posting the artist's work in your Instagram story and what you like about it, and vice versa! You can also collaborate with non-artist friends like doing your musician friend's cover in their album or doing a book cover for your writer friend. You can also produce a photo or video shoot with a team that consists of student artists like yourself. Just make sure you don't do everything for free in the long run!

We know the thought of it can be scary, but if being an artist is something you see as something you'll be willing to do for a long time, then start promoting your art while you're still a student. The world needs to recognize you and your craft, so go ahead and make that first step! We're right behind you!

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