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Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Internship Experience

Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Internship Experience


It's already half of the school year, and you're most likely heading to a hundred-hour on-the-job training. We know what your teachers are saying, it's an opportunity to learn, hone your skills, and get you ready with a first-hand exposure in your chosen fields. And to be fair, they tell you no lies there.

A good internship experience can actually do you a lot of perks such as a high probability of being recommended for a full-time job. That, if you perform well during the weeks of practicum, and, far better, have fun while at it which is exactly one of the things some regret not doing. You, however, still have the chance to maximize your internship, and here's how:

Build networks.

It might seem hard at first, but, if you're really up for a bright future for yourself, you'll know that this is important. Start by making friends (for real) and attending company events, then make sure you add them in your contacts. There's no telling whose call or referrals can be of help to you when you're officially part of the professional force. Indeed, connections are a big thing.

Make a great impression.

You can consider your internship as your probationary period before the company formally hires you. It's never for certain, but it can be if they become impressed with your personality and work style. Be nice to all your superiors, colleagues, fellow trainees, and even clients. And don't forget to generate good outputs in behalf of the group. Take it as a shot to put spotlight on what you got. It's showtime!

Ask questions.

Interns who ask questions have better advantages than those who don't. It gives the supervisors the feeling that you're really determined to learn and interested in doing the tasks being asked of you. Also, it'll keep you from making mistakes and saves your boss from giving you the talk. Don't be afraid to make it a habit, but, please, make it reasonable and insight-generating.

Say "yes" to opportunities.

Do not just be content in making coffee or photocopying documents. Show your willingness to try more challenging tasks. Better yet, volunteer when given the chance. It's the kind of dedicated attitude that employers consider when checking who's qualified or not. Avail yourselves most of the valuable lessons and fieldworks you can get from there because some of them you'll never learn inside the classroom.

Treat it as a real job.

Remember: an internship is not the time to get picky. Anything assigned to you, do it like you're an employee getting paid for your services, sans the actual money part. What only matters is that you take am OJT that's related to your course or that will bring you closer to your career goals. To put it simply, always do your best!

We're not saying that we didn't have the same self-doubt and anxiety during our time, but we're experienced enough to tell you what can help you: work up the nerves to get out of your comfort zone. Unless you wish to waste your internship days, these could be the smartest moves!

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