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In Focus: 4 Of The Sweetest Things That Liza Soberano Ever Said About Enrique Gil

In Focus: 4 Of The Sweetest Things That Liza Soberano Ever Said About Enrique Gil


Are you one of those people who roll their eyes whenever Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil post about each other on social media or become mushy during interviews? You don't have to try to hide it from us because we do that, too, all because of that feeling of jealousy we never knew we had in us. Yes, thanks, LizQuen.

Five years and forever of being together definitely made their relationship closer and stronger. What's more is that it brings out their maturity in understanding each other and in keeping their love going. We think that there's nothing else that can break them apart. If there's anything, it's the battle of who best shows one's affection, and Liza might be taking the lead considering all these sweet things she has said about Quen:

"I really fought for him."

Since they started dating when Liza was just 17 and wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend yet, it led the actress to fight for their relationship. She even told her dad that if he wants her to be happy, then he'll let her be with Quen. "You don’t get into a relationship just for the sake of having a boyfriend. Of course, you have hopes and dreams that your first relationship will be your last. I really fought for him.” That, in our opinion, is called a love worth fighting for.

"You still make my heart flutter."

For years, Liza and Quen have kept the spark alive and left us kilig with every single teleserye and movie. And apparently, it's also the same thing that Liza adores about her real-life relationship with Quen. "You still make my heart flutter every time you surprise me with a bouquet of flowers before all chaos and I’m still deeply, madly in love with your beautiful brown eyes when ever you look at me." She also admits to still finding Quen handsome everyday. We stan a consistent relationship!

"He's almost everything you can look for in a relationship."

Even after all that saying that nobody's perfect, Liza still thinks Quen is something of a special case. "I feel like he's almost perfect because there's really no perfect man. He's responsible, he is a gentleman, he's family-oriented, he knows how to take care of his money. He's almost everything you can look for in a relationship," the actress once said which in our opinion is undebatable. No one can hold a candle to Liza but Quen. 

"I will always say 'yes.'"

We can't remember how many times Liza has acknowledged the probability of Quen being the one and her future. But if that's not enough reassurance to you, she's willing to say it one more time—anytime for her beau, actually. "No doubt, I will always say 'yes,'" she said with conviction when asked what will her response be if Quen proposes to her. We guess we have no choice but to believe in forever.

LizQuen isn't quite the show-off couple, but when they do flaunt their relationship, they do it perfectly. The secret: Sincerity. And that must be what an ideal love should be. This is us putting our faith in LizQuen!

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