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In Focus: 4 Student YouTubers Who Will Inspire You To Pursue Your Non-Academic Passions

In Focus: 4 Student YouTubers Who Will Inspire You To Pursue Your Non-Academic Passions

Juggling your studies and extracurricular activities is already a tough job. In the worst case scenario, it may lead you to an unintended neglect of school responsibilities. You can choose to skip the latter if you want to save your grades, but wouldn't that mean a monotonous all-academic life? Everybody deserves to have the best university experience, that's what.

Apparently, there are students who impressively do well in their chosen degree and non-collegiate career such as vlogging. How? Think of it this way: there's nothing difficult when it comes to following your passion, whatever it may be to you. Here are some of the young YouTube personalities that may tempt you to do your thing while acing your school life!

Hazel Quing

This UP Diliman student's YouTube channel is a whole package. If you like travel, shopping, and skincare, Hazel Quing is your best go-to vlogger. She also offers a look into her cute and close relationship with her mother and boyfie. Subscribing ASAP!

Hannah Pangilinan

In case music and life lessons are your thing, the content of young and cool Hannah should definitely be on your radar. This girl recently only uploads a video or two every month, but, to be honest, it's already much from her side considering she's in Australia pursuing her dreams. We've told you, school-life-balance is possible.

That's Bella

School, beauty, and outfit essentials—every tip you need, you can learn from Arabella Racelis. She also features collaboration from time to time with the likes of Gold Squad Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin. There's nothing much else to say, just her channel is worth your attention. 

Niana Guerrero

This little girl's videos range from pranks and challenges to family bonding moments. But our favorite are the dance covers with her brother Ranz Kyle! Not only do they put on a #SiblingGoals show, but they're also a reminder that with passion, we can go places. FYI, the Guerrero duo are headed to UAE for VidCon in March!

See, you don't have to spend years burning the midnight oil all throughout your univ life. Explore your interests, at least you'll have a sure escape plan when schoolworks get too stressful to handle.

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