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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Yearender Poll: Who Has the Most Dapper Male Look of the Year?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Yearender Poll: Who Has the Most Dapper Male Look of the Year?

Their scintillating manly appeal resonates on the outfits they wear.

Thus, calling these hottest heartthrobs of the year the most dapper could very well be an ultimate no-brainer. Not only do they carry their attire well, their overall style from head to toe make them shine wherever they go, whatever they do--be it a teleserye they are headlining, a movie they are leading men, or a show they are the marquee talents.

These nominees for the Most Dapper Male Look of the Year are awesome style pegs for men who are style trailblazers and effortlessly dominating the scene with their hot, attractive fervor. And by the looks of it, these top male style icons and matinee idols will surely lord it over for many years to come.

Here are the nominees:

Enrique Gil

A total performer with that boyish candor any sane girl would fall for, Quen surely has the looks, the body, and the style to continue to make it big. His picturesque facial features, coupled with a wide range of fashion genres he ever so nails effortlessly, Quen is like a fashion male doll any outfit would look so brilliantly on.

Daniel Padilla

All hail to the Teen King, and his exuberant and relatable fashion sense.  Yes, he is a sensation everyone adores with that gorgeous face and boyish charm, but moreso, his fashion and style choices give those that extra kick. But what makes Daniel ever so captivating is that he may wear those luxurious designer wear at the right occasion but he is totally awesome looking in simple, relatable attire, such as round neck shirts or torn jeans.

Xian Lim

He is one splendid looker, who really owns that distinct title of having a finest scuplted face and body. Indeed a classic handsome man to the highest degree, Xian makes it even more emphatic with his choice of wardrobe and styling. From street wear to tuxedos, Xian looks his best on any of them.

James Reid

A sensational star deserves his own truly phenomenal and iconic style victories. Yes, we all know that James is one idyllic charmer who gets the shrieks everytime he appears, but his wide-ranging fashion sense is even more noteworthy as he experiments both the classic and the modern with enormous impact.

Ian Veneracion

He is what a great number of people and the country's largest fashion brand call, dapper personified. A reemerging actor in different epochs (from his child actor days), Ian surely has that cunning, classy and adorable look intact in any of these periods. He surely owes that to a healthy lifestyle, awesome style choices, and yes, a good team of stylists.

The winner of this poll has been announced! Who is it?

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