Cheat Sheet: Lifesaving Travel Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Cheat Sheet: Lifesaving Travel Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Traveling isn’t always "easy," and you know it. Behind those ♥-worthy photos you post on Instagram, the reality is you’ve waited at least three weeks to secure a visa, allotted a day or two to curate your OOTDs, and spent at least three hours waiting at the airport before boarding the plane. Needless to say, you put a lot of hard work into planning your trips. 

To help you sail through your adventures, we’ve rounded up five genius travel hacks. Trust us, once you’ve discovered these *life-saving* tips, you’re never going back to your old ways!

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Layer up!

Having a hard time packing your bulky coats and jackets? Instead of packing them, wear them at the airport! Doing this will save you from having to pay for excess baggage and give you more luggage space for pasalubong.

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Pack smart

When it comes to choosing which clothes to bring, keep this in mind: Prioritize the items you know you’re going to wear twice or more. The last thing you’d want to happen is to end up not using that headband, those shorts, and that extra jacket you thought you needed. Think of all the wasted space—and unnecessary weight!

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Ask for the ‘FRAGILE’ sticker

If you want your check-in luggage to be one of the firsts to land on the conveyor belt, ask the attendant for a ‘FRAGILE’ label. You see, not only will this prevent your suitcase from being thrown at the bottom of the cargo, but it also gives you sort of a fast pass to escape the airport sooner.

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Navigate offline

It’s no secret that navigating your way through foreign lands can be tricky, not to mention, expensive—that is, if you’re using mobile data. Here’s what you can do: Pre-download areas on Google Maps! This way, you can get access to directions, even when you’re offline!

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Bring a Pocket WiFi

Using Google Maps is one thing, but what about your #travelgoals posts? Your gorgeous IG stories? Your group chat updates? Now, some of you have probably heard about bringing a pocket WiFi before, but have never actually tried it, so consider this a sign to go get yourself one! You see, having a pocket WiFi doesn’t only spare you from having to spend huge bucks on a SIM card, but it also serves as a power bank! Some units, like CherryRoam T1 Style and T2 Slim, even allow you to share connection across multiple devices. Giving you access to 4G LTE internet connections in more than 140 countries across the globe, CherryRoam is the ultimate travel WiFi partner—automatically connecting you to the strongest network available!

CherryRoam T1 Style and T2 Slim

Check out their affordable data packages here:

If you find yourself booking for yet another flight soon, be sure to review these pro tips before leaving. Better yet, you might want to bookmark this page right now so you can check it out later!

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