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Daily Diaries: What to Expect During Your First K-Pop Cup Sleeve Event

Daily Diaries: What to Expect During Your First K-Pop Cup Sleeve Event


If you've been a K-pop fan for quite some time now, you would know that there's a new trend that every fandom has been following. Have you ever heard of cup sleeve events? Or the more proper question is: how many cup sleeve events have you been to?

A cup sleeve event is a fan gathering that's usually organized by a fanbase in a cafe or milk tea shop to celebrate a group's anniversary, birthday, or even just an achievement. They will have their fave's faces on cup sleeves, which the fans will get for free if they buy something from the cafe.  

I've heard about this since last year, but it was just recently that I've thought of trying it because I honestly want to be a more active fangirl this year. BLACKPINK Jennie's international fanbase DreamJennie (@DREAMJENNIE_) organized one for Jennie's birthday at BLINK Stop, a BLACKPINK-themed cafe in Rizal.

When I arrived, the first thing that welcomed me was the friendly staff of DreamJennie who gave me all sorts of freebies! If you're curious about what happens in a cup sleeve, here's what you can expect based on my first-time experience! 

1. You'll be required to socialize.

If you're the kind of fangirl who's low-key but wants to have friends in the fandom, then cup sleeve events are for you! I've been a BLINK since last year, but I don't have any fandom friends because I wasn't the kind of fangirl who goes to BLACKPINK events. As my resolution, I wanted to change that, so this Jennie cup sleeve event totally pushed me to the right direction!

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2. You'll meet a lot of people like yourself.

This kind of event is made for fans to gather and meet people who are like them, a person who passionately enjoys talking about their favorite idols or groups. Since I wanted to have friends inside the fandom, I knew that I wouldn't have a hard time talking to people at this cup sleeve event because most of the people I met at the event have the same interests as me, which is loving and adoring BLACKPINK particularly its member Jennie. 

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3. Freebies await.

Of course, a cup sleeve event wouldn't be complete without getting any official or unofficial merch from the organizers! In all honesty, this is my most favorite part of the cup sleeve event I attended. From stickers to the fanbase's very own airline-themed invitation, the collector in me was delighted to receive all the Jennie stuff from the event! 

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4. There will be games that will prove if you're a true fan.

I've always thought that I know everything about Jennie. But, during the event, I found out I was wrong! After the raffle of merchandise, the organizers told us that there would be a game where all the questions will be about Jennie. At first, I was confident that I would win. But when the five questions were asked, I only got one right! I do believe I'm a genuine fan, but I do have some more research to do before I can confidently compete in the next one! 

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5. You'll want to attend another cup sleeve event! 

One of the best things about a cup sleeve event is that there will always be another one that you can attend, so you shouldn't feel like you're missing out on something at all. The first cup sleeve event that I was supposed to attend was for Jisoo's birthday, but I wasn't able to go due to other commitments. I was devastated, but when I saw that there would be a cup sleeve event for Jennie, I didn't let the chance get away even if it's quite far away from home! 

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From birthday celebrations to the group's debut anniversary, cup sleeve events have taken over the world of Hallyu. As someone who experienced this craze first-hand, I get why everyone wants to attend or organize their own. It's an enjoyable and memorable experience that I recommend to every K-Pop fan because I assure you that you won't regret it! 

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