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Hot Stuff: These K-Stars Gamely Took on Zico's #AnySongChallenge!

Hot Stuff: These K-Stars Gamely Took on Zico's #AnySongChallenge!


by Mikka Caronan

Zico released his digital single “Any Song” last January 13. And as expected, it was another hit song which makes it the first perfect all-kill in 2020! "Any Song" has a fun beat to dance to, that’s why Zico started the #AnySongChallenge to get us even more hyped up! He simply uploaded a video with Hwasa dancing to his track and encouraged his fans to do it. The challenge blew up that even celebrities have participated!

Here are some celebrities who have taken the #AnySongChallenge:


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#아무노래챌린지 #AnysongChallenge #ZICO #지코 #Hwasa #화사 #아무노래 #Anysong 따라해보아요👍👍👍

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The first ever #AnySongChallenge video is with MAMAMOO's Hwasa! Is this a new ship?


From a sexy vibe with Hwasa, this swag version from Chungha is irresistible, too! Can we please get a Hwasa-Chungha version now?


Now, we have the adorable entry from Dara! We stan this kween!

Block B's U'Kwon

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왜케 안외워져 ....😅 #아무노래챌린지 #anysongchallenge

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Who else is waiting for the other Block B members to do the challenge?

X1 Seungyoun, Hangyul, and Dohyon

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아무노래 60% @woozico0914 #아무노래챌린지 #anysongchallenge

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We can't help but laugh with them. They definitely had a lot of fun making this video!

AB6ix Daehwi and Woong

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#아무노래챌린지 우리도 했다 ㅎㅎㅎ 어때요 지코선배님~😎 #AnysongChallenge

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They asked, "How is it, Zico sunbaenim?" And Zico replied in shock, "How did you do it so well?" Oh my..


We don't know why Crush deleted this video, but his dog's special participation nailed it!


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승천버전 with @realllllmino #새로운패러다임 #아무노래챌린지 #AnysongChallenge

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Yes, we're giving you additional points for creativity, Zico and Mino!

Park Shinhye

Even Park Shinhye couldn't help but join in this viral fun!

Woo Taewoon

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Of course, his brother can't miss this, right?

Running Man's Ji Sukjin

We've all waited to see him dance!


The song was so hyped up that she dances it even while on her own rehearsals.

Kim Minjae and So Juyeon

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#낭만닥터김사부2 #아무노래챌린지 @sojuyeon_ << 다른앵글😎 촬영 @borabora_sugar 흥도움 @jiantree

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Their awkwardness made it so cute! Minjae's shy dance is now our favorite!

ASTRO's Rocky

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Rocky really looked like an oppa here, right?! 

Who do you want to do the #AnySongChallenge next?




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