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In Focus: 8 Times K-Pop Took Over Hollywood Movies

In Focus: 8 Times K-Pop Took Over Hollywood Movies


By now, we're already used to seeing our idols take international stages by storm, grace foreign magazines, make a noise in Western programs, attend award shows overseas, and collaborate with the most prominent musicians across the world. But did you know that K-pop has also started to work its way into the Hollywood movies?

Not as actors (perhaps, soon?) but plainly with their music that meets global standards. And this isn't just another world domination that fandoms could be proud of, but also another episode of music breaking barriers. It was meant to happen, anyways. In case you missed these K-pop-meets-Hollywood moments, it's our pleasure to round them up for you below:

Wonder Girls' "Nobody" in Penguins of Madagascar

It was a surprise for the members of K-pop trailblazers Wonder Girls when they learned that their hit song "Nobody" (which we all danced to) was the only Asian song included in the soundtrack of the American animated film in 2015. How could we not stan?

TVXQ's "Rising Sun" in Fast & Furious 4

Keeping the legendary streak going, the song "Rising Sun" by TVXQ (A.K.A. DBSK) was played in the fourth installment of the popular racing movie franchise Fast & Furious back in 2009. And from then on, our kings just got bigger and bigger.

RM's "Fantastic" in Fantastic Four

Even before, we already knew that leader of global phenom BTS RM has always been a powerful talent that the world needed to hear. Later, we were proven right with his self-composed song "Fantastic" featuring American songstress Mandy Ventrice getting featured in the Marvel adaptation. The world just got lucky.

BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" in Pitch Perfect 2

Hollywood is just one among many that wasn't able to escape the overwhelming craze over BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby." In fact, our favorite Barden Bellas from the Pitch Perfect sequel were spotted banging with the K-pop smash playing in the background. It's used only in the trailer, but, still, it's aca-mazing!

TWICE's "Knock Knock" in Spice in Disguise

Our nine kweens from TWICE also made it through the Will Smith and Tom Holland-voiced animated film last year. Yep, their 2017 song off Twicecoaster: Lane 2 was included in the movie's official soundtrack and sat beside songs from the likes of Daddy Yankee and Mark Ronson. Now, that's special.

BLACKPINK's "As If It's Your Last" in Justice League

Two years ago, we got one of our fave BLACKPINK song in one of our fave superhero movies, and that's all thanks to one scene featuring Barry Allen A.K.A. The Flash who took inspiration to save the world by streaming the girl group's music video. Is it a coincidence that its actor Ezra Miller is a real-life BLINK? We don't think so.

BTS' "Fire" in Playing With Fire

Kudos to wrestling champ John Cena for doing such a great job of convincing director Andy Fickman to make Bangtan's 2016 hit a part of the family-comedy movie. This is like our K-pop and WWE worlds colliding. J-Hope, RM, and the rest of the boys sure found the movie fire!

Red Velvet's "Zimzalabim" in Trolls World Tour

This 2020, it's our girls Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri's turn to navigate their way into Hollywood. It was revealed in early January that we'll get to hear their magical track "Zimzalabim" in the upcoming Trolls sequel, and we'll even see the members' troll versions! We already got a taste of it through the animation's Southeast Asian trailer. It's a win for us, ReVeluvs!

The soundtrack is what completes the whole movie experience. And while Western songs play the role just fine, having foreign works like K-pop can obviously offer much more—from introduction of cultural diversity to paving the way for Asian representation. We'll be looking forward to more moments like these!

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