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In Focus: 5 Ways K-Pop Fans are Giving Back on Behalf of Their Idols

In Focus: 5 Ways K-Pop Fans are Giving Back on Behalf of Their Idols


Ask someone what they think about fangirls, and they'll frequently come up with words that range from dedicated and eager to obsessed and agressive. Well, we get where they're coming from, but, to clear things up, fangirls are not quite what you think they all are.

Perhaps the best word to describe these hardcore fans is "passionate." And this is not only limited to supporting their idols but is also extended to doing good in their name. They have the reputation for uniting their fandoms to do charitable initiatives that aim to make a difference in the world. And honestly, they take it seriously, always going beyond the extra mile to make sure that they give the love they receive from their faves back to the world. Here are some of the efforts they did that should not be taken for granted:

Environmental movement

BTS' ARMY is a force to be reckoned with, and we got a taste of that during RM's birthday last year when they planted a total of 600 trees in the Philippines' longest range Sierra Madre to help solve the problem of climate change. The planet is truly blessed to have Kim Namjoon and his fans!

Wildlife rescue

Two koalas have just been given a second life following the recent wildfire crisis that hit Australia. This is all courtesy of the fans of iKon's B.I in Thailand who adopted the little species under his name and even donated to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Congratulations on becoming a father of two, Hanbin!

Donation drive

When it comes to raising funds for charity work, fandoms are generously experts. We had fans of EXO's Kai donating for cancer patients' treatment, TWICE's Onces collecting a contribution to feed deprived children, and Seventeen's Woozi's assisting earthquake victims in Pohang, Korea two years ago. Is there no end to these inspiring acts of kindness?

Anti-bullying campaign

In 2017, just days after Jonghyun of SHINee passed away, fans have joined together for an online campaign with the goal of remembering the late singer and ending discrimination being made against grieving Shawols, who were being attacked for allegedly ignoring the then-ongoing Palestine crisis just because of a K-pop star's death. What a way to express one's loss for a good cause.

Outreach program

The lastest to make a philantrophic move are IU's Maenas who just dedicated their weekend organizing an outreach program for the benefit of the Taal eruption victims. The IU Philippine team called on to their mutuals for volunteers in packing the collected donations. This was done alongside 42 other fanbases, proving the wonders of unity created by fans.

A lot of times, K-pop fans will be in their wildest state, screaming out their devotion to their idols. But before they get judged, we hope that people will learn how they put their passion to good use, and that they try to make the world a better place just by uniting under one fandom name. Here's to these kind-hearted souls!

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