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In Focus: Maine Mendoza Showed Her Love for Arjo Atayde in These Major Kilig Moments!

In Focus: Maine Mendoza Showed Her Love for Arjo Atayde in These Major Kilig Moments!


One of the most challenging parts of living your life in the limelight is having people wanting to know every bit of your relationship and having this desire to control it, even if you try your best to keep things lowkey. Unfortunately, Maine Mendoza has been experiencing this kind of problem ever since she told her fans that she's dating actor Arjo Atayde. Since she rose to stardom as the other half of AlDub (Alden Richards and Yaya Dub,) she spent most of her career associated to her on-screen partner to the point where fans have speculated the two were dating IRL!

That's why when she shared who her real-life partner is, most of them weren't happy for her. Maine was affected by all the comments from her "fans" before, but her love for Arjo is stronger. From posting cute photos of them on Instagram to praising him in every interview, Maine has been loud and proud when it comes to showing how much she loves Arjo.

Here, we listed our favorite moments from this real-life couple!

1. When she publicly admitted their relationship...

When they finally admitted that they're exclusively dating, fans of Maine weren't happy about it since most of them want her to end up with Alden Richards. But Maine asked her fans to respect her decision because she can't be Yaya Dub forever. And if they truly supported her, they'd understand. As a celebrity, it takes a lot of courage to admit to the public that you're dating someone, especially if the one you're dating isn't your on-screen partner, that's why we're so proud of Maine for following what will make her heart happy.

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2. When she fought for Arjo amidst her fans' protest...

Arjo Atayde's mother, Sylvia Sanchez, shared how much she adores Maine. She's thankful that amidst her fans' protest, Maine fought for Arjo, even if there's a possibility that this would affect her career. Their "us against the world" scenario doesn't affect Maine in a negative way and continues to show how much she loves Arjo on her social media pages! 

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3. When she clapped back at fans for trending #NoToArjo...

Just recently, Maine uploaded a cover of "Tala" on her Twitter account with Arjo. While most of us felt kilig over this adorable moment, some of her fans weren't happy about it. And to show their disappointment, they trended the hashtag #NoToArjoTheUser. Of course, they got what they want, which was for Maine to see it. But they didn't get the reaction that they desired as Maine tweeted, "Wow, some "fans" made #NoToArjoTheUser trend today. Congrats! But I say #YesToArjo." The way she clapped back to them proves that Maine will never hold back when it comes to the man she truly loves!

4. When she shared that she sees him as the one...

It truly warms our hearts to see these two showing their love and support for one another in every way possible. From including Arjo to family affairs to traveling the world together, we won't be surprised if we hear these two tying the knot in the future! Although Maine and Arjo still want to focus on the present, Maine admitted that they already started talking about settling down, especially since her target age to get married is 28 years old. She also shared that she believes that he's "the one," that's why she cherishes all of the time that they spend together.  

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Maine has been glowing a lot recently, and we do believe that it's because Arjo has been taking good care of her. That's why as the two spend more time together, we do hope that things will only get better for them regardless if people approve or not!

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