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Daily Diaries: Things You Shouldn't Be Ashamed of About Having Strict Parents

Daily Diaries: Things You Shouldn't Be Ashamed of About Having Strict Parents


Is having strict parents suffocating? No offense, mom, but in all honesty, I'd say yes, kind of. Just think of the times when you asked them for permission to allow you to come over to your friend's house for a sleepover and the equal times you got a "no." It feels so unfair 'cause you're feeling left out. But just because we admit that it's suffocating doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.

You may be feeling otherwise, but I can attest that whatever form of overprotectiveness your parents are doing, it's always in your best interest. At first, I thought that it's keeping me from growing independently, but that's something I've come around with in time. So yes, I'm not ashamed of having them in my life for the love, care, attention, not to mention the discipline, they brought me, and for so many things including these:

1. No "biglaang lakad"

Got invited to a last-minute hangout? Don't even try. Every activity that's not stated in your official class schedule would only be possible if you ask permission three or more decision-making days prior. No biggie, though. At least, I got to realize the importance of time management and relaxation.

2. Having curfews

Abiding by the rule of "no going home late" isn't a piece of cake especially if you got too deep in the moment with your pals. What's more difficult is explaining it to your parents right after missing nine of their calls and finally answering them at the tenth. Well, you might as well avoid breaking the curfew. It'll make you feel secured, for what it's worth.

3. Texting updates

This might sound overboard, but, yes, I regularly text my mom about my whereabouts, what I'm doing, who I'm with, if I'm already on my ride home be it in the UV, MRT, or tricycle 'cause she won't accept unspecific answers. I get its point now. So whatever happens, in the worst case scenario where I get lost, she'll know where to start looking for me.

4. Getting fetched

I'm at legal age, and I can shamelessly say that my parents still drop me off and pick me up often where my destination is. Whether it's at work or just to my high school BFF's house, my mother still offers to drive me around. And who am I to complain? I believe it's not because she doesn't trust me but more likely because she wants to make sure I get anywhere safe and sound.

As much as I feel jealous over my friends staying overnight on trips together without a struggle, I still respect my parents' decisions. It might seem uncool for some, but if you look at the bigger picture, you'll see how their limitations are just fair and reasonable. The strictness won't be that firm forever, anyways. Just wait until they can finally sigh in relief and proudly say, "My child can handle it."

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