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In Focus: 6 Responsible Ways To Deal With Natural Disasters

In Focus: 6 Responsible Ways To Deal With Natural Disasters


Natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are way beyond human control. Despite the presence of science and technology, these occurrences from nature can still take place without warning. However, as bad as it may sound, we, as humans, are still capable of doing something about it, specifically in dealing with these disasters that come, in our own little ways.

Other than the most basic safety tips we’re all reminded of, here are some other helpful ways on how we can deal with times like this:

1. Do your own research. 

Staying well-informed during a difficult time is one major precautionary measure we should always remember. While having constant news sources across all types of media is great, we shouldn’t solely depend on it. Since other relevant information are available online, which we can easily access, we should also do our own research to better understand the situation.

2. Sharing is caring.

Once we gathered additional information about the current natural disaster we’re experiencing, we should keep in mind that not everyone has the same privileges that we have. Others do not have enough resources or skills to do their own research and so, we should be sharing what we know with others and help educate them about the situation. 

3. Use social media responsibly. 

While social media is known to be the most convenient and accessible communication platform nowadays, its users tend to take it for granted. Instead of sharing memes or jokes about the current situation, use social media more responsibly and help spread awareness on the updates, safety tips, and other useful info which everyone can benefit from.

4. Always check on your loved ones. 

When you’re away, another important point we shouldn’t miss is to check on our loved ones every now and then, as well as updating them about how we are. Experiencing a natural disaster is already a stressful situation and not knowing the condition of our family and friends will only add to this stress. A simple call or text would really mean a lot.

5. Volunteer or donate.

If you can go the extra mile, volunteering at evacuation centers, donating relief goods, or even starting your own donation drive can make a whole lot difference. Instead of watching updates from your screen, it's way better to be physically active in helping those who are affected if you have the time and means. Let's not forget that bayanihan is in the Filipino blood.

6. Stay positive. 

Staying positive during times like this is definitely easier said than done. But remember, natural disasters are already a huge problem to all of us and dealing with this situation with a negative mindset would not get us closer to any solutions at all. Snd so, let’s work together on looking at the bright side of things and remember that this, too, like any other calamity, shall pass.

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