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BLINK Diaries: What It's Like to Be an Admin of an International Fan Account for BLACKPINK

BLINK Diaries: What It's Like to Be an Admin of an International Fan Account for BLACKPINK


From the leader and visual to the rapper and dancer, there are certain positions that the K-pop group members have to fill. Since the K-pop industry has been like this for so long, it's no surprise that fandoms have followed this kind of setup. Yup, you read it right: K-pop fans also have roles to fill in the fandom! There are fanfic writers, fan artists, gif makers, and those who spearhead fan projects for their idols. One of the most interesting positions inside the fandom is a fanbase admin, which some would call as the "second manager" because they keep track of important information about their idols on a daily basis and share it to the entire fandom. 

The admin usually posts the schedule of the idol's activities, provides updates, starts streaming parties, controls birthday projects, and makes banners for the fans during the concert. It's not a simple responsibility to take on, so to share more information about being an admin, we talked to 23-year-old Dominique Falcon, who is one of the admins and the founder of BLACKPINK's Jennie's international fanbase account DreamJennie (@DREAMJENNIE_.) 

Dominique started becoming a BLINK during the Square Two era, but she's been low-key fangirling since the group's first mini-album. The making of DreamJennie all began when Dominique and her Jennie stan friend Cha observed that some of Jennie's international fanbases were on hiatus back in September 2018. "There were no birthday projects for Jennie, especially here in the Philippines. I asked Cha out of the blue if she wanted to start a fanbase with me for Jennie, and she completely agreed! DreamJennie started from scratch, and the rest is history."

Although Dominique is one of the founders of DreamJennie, she also got some huge help from the fans she recruited. "I met Tine through Cha who is the loudest Jennie stan on my timeline! Chelsea reached out to us and wanted to do a giveaway for Jennie’s birthday, I asked her to join, and she agreed. Chelsea is in Japan and whenever we have giveaways, its always coming from Japan. Steph is our editor who was invited by a mutual friend to be part of the team to edit posters for us. Besides that, Steph is also our voice of reason. Marje is currently on hiatus because she's sick, but she's usually the one who is tasked to print our cheering kits and merch. I am so thankful for these four girls. The love and support they have for Jennie amaze me." 

Besides being an admin, Dominique also works full-time at a corporate company as a Marketing Officer. Handling a day job and being an admin of a large Twitter fanbase is hard, but she always finds a way to balance the two. "It became a routine to check DreamJennie account before I get ready for work, in between meetings, and making reports. We have the notifications on, so we check it from time to time. It takes a village to run a fanbase, so we take turns in checking or updating the account." 

There's a lot of rewarding moments that Dominique always be thankful for as an admin of DreamJennie. "Honestly, BLACKPINK in Manila will always have a special place in our hearts. Our team gave Jennie a cake, and she posted it on her Instagram account. Plus, Jennie’s manager recorded the MAAX LED Birthday project for Jennie last February 2019 during the concert."

Of course, just like any team, there had been challenges that Dominique faced. "When it comes to problems, I could only think of two things: time and money. It takes time to update, check the account, plana  birthday support, and trend hashtags, so we lose sleep over these things! From traveling to different cities to support the girls, pay for slogans, cup sleeve events, and giveaways—whenever we weren't able to reach the target amount we need through fundraising, we get money from our bank accounts. But we chose this life, and it's just so satisfying to see the girl you idolize achieve her dreams." 

Admittedly, they don't earn anything from being an admin. "Yes, sometimes, the other admins and I spend money to keep the projects going." Although she did consider leaving the fanbase before, the thing that motivates her to continue taking care of DreamJennie is Jennie. "I have told my friends many times that I want to rest already, but I never had a strong will to leave. Sometimes, I imagine if I can live my life without handling the fanbase. But, as cheesy as it sounds, we all do this for our love for Jennie."

What she loves the most about running this fanbase is being an instrument to help others. "In our little ways to touch lives, we have helped Teacher Fe, who teaches under the bridge, by giving the street children some food during Jennie’s birthday last year. For this year, our birthday project theme is “Bridging the Gap Towards Happiness." We have adopted a giraffe under Jennie's name, which also signifies who and what Jennie is to us. We also sponsored kids for a cleft palate operation, and we wouldn't be able to do it without the BLINKs who have been helping us financially to achieve these goals. We have been so blessed, and it's time to share those blessings."

Running an international fanbase account is a big responsibility, but if you're thinking of starting one, here's a tip from Dominique. "My advice to you is that you have to be responsible enough on what you post, and apologize when it's needed." She adds, "If you're having a hard time, you can ask help from your trusted mutuals. You have to be trustworthy and transparent. It can get exhausting, but it's worth it, especially when I'm able to make my idol happy."

Dominique started this account for Jennie, and they're still holding on because of Jennie. If you want to follow DreamJennie's footsteps, go for it because nurturing your fandom, being able to give back, and making your fave happy will give you that priceless feeling!

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