Spaces We Love: A Look At Loving Couple Bianca And JC Intal's First Home

Spaces We Love: A Look At Loving Couple Bianca And JC Intal's First Home

When Bianca and JC’s first home was built, the basketball pro was still single, making the most out of his rookie year in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). At first glance, it could be described as sleek and contemporary, incorporating everything that a bachelor pad needs.

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Fast forward a few years, JC met Bianca and later turned their friendship into something more. The two became a couple in 2011, got married in 2014, and had their first daughter Lucia in 2015. From there, they had to make adjustments in the house such as using corner guards for tables and adding soft floor mats for their kid’s safety.

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In this episode of Spaces We Love, The Intals give us a tour of the lovely home where they spent most of their firsts as mom and dad. They also share how they navigate through their different parenting styles and consistently strive to provide the best for their children, including nutrition--as they raise them to be smart, strong, and healthy. Watch it here!

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Produced and directed by Brooke Villanueva | Camera and editing by Christina Zabat | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Hair and makeup by Gery Penaso




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