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In Focus: 6 Idols Who Have Stood Up Against Sasaengs

In Focus: 6 Idols Who Have Stood Up Against Sasaengs


We can't give the whole world to our idols but we can give them our respect. How? Basic. Start by not putting pressure on them to tell us the ins and outs of their lives. Stop feeling entitled like they owe us anything. As a fan, that's something we should know.

They've already given us more than enough of their time, blessing our TV screens, playing us their music, maybe interacting and taking pictures with us. Why not we leave them with their right to enjoy themselves off the camera and stage?

It's definitely doable unless you're that over-obsessive self-proclaimed "fans" we call "sasaengs" who can't help but take "basic respect" for granted. It's a good thing our K-pop faves know how to make a stand for themselves. Check out who they are here:

1. EXO's Baekhyun

Having unknown callers ringing your phone constantly during a live broadcast, sending you messages that'll push the more important texts down, and even making a scene at your brother's wedding are moments that Baekhyun doesn't find thrilling. That brought him to call out the sasaeng on social media and boldly admit how much he hates them.

2. BTS' V

Sasaengs can be downright scary for Kim Taehyung. One time during a VLive session, the K-pop singer revealed that he's aware of so-called fans sitting next to them during flights, and, in behalf of the rest of BTS members, he said it makes them uncomfortable. He doesn't want you to do that. But since some can't seem to understand that, it brought them to use private planes instead.

3. GOT7's Mark

Some can go as far as following idols to their house, and that's what happened to Mark. The rapper took to Instagram to inform fans about that rainy day when sasaengs managed to get close to GOT7's dorm by following their car. In a respectful manner, Mark asked them to stop invading what's supposed to be their private space and rather meet them in a more appropriate situation.

4. Red Velvet's Joy

Even Joy wasn't able to escape these disturbing actions from fans. She also received constant calls from sasaengs while doing a live broadcast with Irene and Seulgi and immediately addressed them to stop. But the fans just ignored the songstress' warning and kept on calling her. In the end, Joy turned off her phone completely.

5. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Taengoo chose to post sasaengs' phone numbers in public and while doing so, felt sorry for how she expressed her frustration. But it's understandable that she's gotten tired of it considering how much rest and sleep she lost. According to the SNSD leader, they kept calling her during midnight or regardless of the time of the day.

6. TWICE's Nayeon

As much as she's grateful for all the love she and her group is receiving, Nayeon wants us watch our boundaries. Recently, a foreign Once claimed that he's the idol's boyfriend and talks about it on various videos including his plans to visit Korea and see Nayeon in the flesh. Nayeon later seemed to clarify that it's not true and doesn't want fans to do that again, no matter how much they like them.

Fame do really comes with a price, we've accepted that. It's about time we learn that fangirling also comes with limitations. So the next chance we get to face or just connect with them, let's see to it that they'll not only feel loved, but safe as well. 

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