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Family, a Constant Favorite on Christmas Day

Family, a Constant Favorite on Christmas Day

You know it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas when suddenly you get excited at the thought of reuniting with friends and most specially, family members you haven’t seen in a long while. Whether someone from abroad is coming home for the holidays or you’re meeting with people you’ve lost touch with over the year, there’s just something special about this season that brings about a sense of togetherness.

And while lovely trees, decors, lights, and warm cups of chocolate are nice, if we were to choose a favorite holiday staple, family shall always top the list. If you have to ask why, well, just read on our favorite holiday moments with family!  


When somebody hides from everyone just to wrap last minute gifts

Sometimes the family gets a little too big, the list gets a little too long and it’s inevitable to miss a few things. And while that’s understandable, it’s still funny when you see someone in the family running around the house, trying to find a “safe spot” to hide their last minute gift-wrapping.


When they notice how much you gain or lose weight

Ok, this may actually be the least favorite. For others, this may even be rude. But this is something that has long been happening during family gatherings and somehow, it’s already to be expected. So how about you just go with it and flash a smile. “What did you just say? I gained weight? It’s okay. In my head, I already forgive you.”


When they make all the holiday clichés bearable

For when the Grinch gets the best of you sometimes because admit it—it does, family is the only thing that makes it all bearable. Not in the mood to stay up until midnight for the Noche Buena or perhaps, you can’t wait long for the opening of gifts? Well, good thing you have family to share with you their holiday cheer. Through them and for them, suddenly, you can become the patient person that you unusually are.


When you gather around for that picture perfect snap

Did someone say “cheese”? Oh you mean, “closer”? Whether it’s under the mistletoe or around the Christmas tree, you’d just be all smiles as long as it’s with family.


When they make you realize presence is better than presents

Have you ever found yourself wishing for someone to be by your side so you can really call it “happy holidays”? And that they don’t have to get you anything just as long as you get to be with them? Oh, the things you would give just to have that. Clearly, presence is far better than presents.


Christmas brings together family, much like when the true reason for this season, Jesus Christ was born and brought together the three kings, Mary, and Joseph. Fortunately, family isn’t limited to persons of the same blood. Family isn’t just people. Family is a feeling, a place. Something that makes you feel right at home.





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