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The Six Fix: Iconic Songs from Sarah Geronimo that We Grew Up With

The Six Fix:  Iconic Songs from Sarah Geronimo that We Grew Up With


From the style trends to the street games that we all remember from our childhood, it's nice to look back at the things that defined our past. And, of course, one of the best reminders of our most precious memories is music. If we're talking local, there's no other artist that's as iconic as Sarah Geronimo while we were growing up! 

Since her 2015 song "Tala" reentered the pop culture scene recently, we found it fitting to jog our memory for our favorite Sarah G. tracks that captured our hearts way back from our childhood.

From her debut single "Forever's Not Enough" to the bubblegum pop song "Sa Iyo," it's safe to say that most of us grew up listening to her songs. Here's our list of the Pop Princess' best tracks that we've all memorized up until now!

1. "Forever's Not Enough" (2003)

Sarah's debut album released in 2003 earned  her the title "Pop Princess" which has now evolved into "Asia's Popstar Royalty." that she's still known for up until now. One of our favorite tracks in her debut album is "Forever's Not Enough" that instantly captivated us during its release. I still remember every family outing there would always be at least one or two people who would sing this song because of how iconic it is! 

2. "Sa Iyo" (2003)

From its uncomplicated yet well-rounded choreography to its catchy pop tune, "Sa Iyo" is one of the best tracks from Sarah's debut album. While "Forever's Not Enough" owned our karaoke days, "Sa Iyo" brought out our hidden dance skills!

3. "How Could You Say You Love Me" (2004)

We all know that when it comes to heartbreaking songs, there's a bunch of OPM songs that hit home. And Sarah Geronimo's "How Could You Say You Love Me" has all the ingredients to not only break our hearts with its sad melody but also make us feel broken, even if we were too young to fall in love back then!

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4. "Ikot-Ikot" (2013)

Although it didn't get as much recognition as "Tala" did, Sarah's single "Ikot-Ikot" actually received instant success when it was released seven years ago. It's catchiness is proven by how we'd use "ikot-ikot lang" in our daily conversations whenever we're going around something or somewhere over and over again. Raise your hand if you're guilty.

5. "Tayo" (2013)

According to Sarah, she almost didn't release this because she was afraid that the lyrics were too forward. However, she decided to continue because she thought that it’s the song that reflects how she once felt. Well, we're all happy that she did release this masterpiece because it helped us to pick ourselves up during our broken-hearted days!

6. "Kilometro" (2014)

Released six years ago, this hit was praised during its release for the K-pop-worthy feel of its music video. Honestly, it was even more famous before than "Tala." Whether you're a Popster or not, we're sure that you knew the steps of the choreo by heart!

Sarah's music is timeless, and no one can take that away from her. While we wait for a new Sarah G. single to come out (or perhaps a new version of "Tala,") these tracks will never fail you in terms of their iconic power that would still get you hooked no matter how many years have passed! 

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