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In Focus: Signs B.I is Coming Back to the Music Scene

In Focus: Signs B.I is Coming Back to the Music Scene


The fight is still on for fans who, up to this time, find it hard to believe B.I's decision to quit iKon. The goal is clear: to let him know he's not forgotten, that we're all in this together waiting for his comeback and letting nothing stand in our way. Can we fast forward to that day so we can finally see our Hanbin rap, produce, and take over the music industry again?

Here's the tea, though: ot seems like we iKonics and Binics alike only need to hold on to our hopes just a little longer because signs are telling us that we've been heard. Hanbin is rewarding our loyalty with what else but his equally unmatched loyalty. You know our man is good at keeping his words, right? You don't believe us? Allow us to show you the proof:

1. He's "doing well."

Five months from leaving iKon, K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin surprisingly tweeted an update about Hanbin's current status and it says, "Hanbin is doing well." Just exactly what we needed to hear but it still left us questioning: How did you know, Jeff? Did you get to interview him? For what reason? Keep in mind that we'll not be taking anything that's not music-related for an answer.

2. He got his broken musical equipment replaced.

It was reported last year that fans gave Hanbin a recording set as a birthday present, broke it, personally contacted the brand shop, and got it replaced. It's a good thing that it's still under warranty, but that isn't our main concern. The fact that he broke it, it means he's been using it. Thus, he's making music again, and you can't tell us otherwise.

3. He updated his IG.

After a while of social media silence, we noticed obvious updates on Hanbin's Instagram account. At first, he deleted some of his posts keeping only iKon's groups photos and past individual birthday shoutouts for his six members. But just before 2019 ended, he appeared to have wiped out everything and even put his account on private. This definitely hints at a new beginning, right?

4. Flowers have bloomed.

Lab5gam, Hanbin's family-owned perfume shop, has been serving as our bestfriend ever since the iKon's leader's departur, most especially their IG page! There's no mention of his name, but some posts are giving us a feeling that it's from Hanbin himself. There are the birthday greetings to Donghyuk and Bobby. And recently, a wish tree captioned, "When the flowers are in full bloom, we expect someone to come back..." If that's not a hint, then we don't know what is!

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5. The arrival of DEMO.1.

From there, we've come to this: Hanbin dropping a meaningful song titled "DEMO.1" on SoundCloud under his username 131, proving once again why he's deserves to be dubbed Songwriter of the Year (maybe decade.) And look what happened—we got so hyped that it already reached more than a million streams in less than a week, and that's saying something for a track that's not even official! Now, how do you expect us not to crave for a comeback?

Hanbin once said that music is his life, and just knowing that he's doing his favorite thing in the world again is enough to make us believe that we made it. But we're still not going anywhere in case you decide to officially come back, no matter how long it takes, and left us with nothing to say but "Congratulations to those who stayed" and "Welcome back, King Hanbin!"

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