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In Focus: These are the K-Pop Moments We Wish to See This 2020

In Focus: These are the K-Pop Moments We Wish to See This 2020


A lot has happened over the past year in the K-pop industry. There are those moments that called for celebrations, triggered conflicts, made us proud as fans, and others that brought us in tears. Either way, what matters is that we stick by our faves' side amidst it all—a task that isn't too much to ask from a stan who's loyal.

This 2020, we have no idea what lies ahead for our idols. But, together, we'll definitely get through and achieve anything. We've proven that time and again—from witnessing our ult artists debuting to watching them make their biggest comebacks yet. For the new year though, we're dedicating our wish list to things that go beyond their music. We'd appreciate it if you'd just let us set the tone for the future of K-pop with the following changes we'd like to see in the scene this 2020:

Taking action on mental health

We've had enough of depression consuming our idols. The struggle is no longer new to us, and we don't want to hear more of it. It's high time we take action, and it should start with entertainment labels developing programs within their company where artists can seek immediate help. There's also something we can do as stans. Keep sending them support online. It helps to know that someone loves them even from afar.

Openness towards idols' relationships

K-pop sure brought us a few surprising dating news. We've got HyunA and Dawn, Jihyo and Kang Daniel, and recently Momo and Heechul. Some took it lightly, some weren't too happy and how we hope they'll stop doing so. Turn your delulu mode off and accept the fact that idols' personal lives are none of our business. They're humans like any of us who should freely fall in love and date without being judged, so let them be. (Daragon, next?)

Bringing underrated idols to the spotlight

The industry is getting bigger and bigger with new idol groups emerging. And while a lot of those rookies are receiving their deserved recognition, there are other worthy ones who are missing their chance on the spotlight. If only you'll take time a second to listen to Mamamoo, Chungha, SF9, Loona, The Rose, BTOB among others, then you'll know how equally great their works are. Wouldn't it be great for K-pop to bring more allies while they dominate the world?

More acting-dols debut

BTS' V did it. GOT7's Jinyoung, too. Even EXO's D.O. wowed us with his on-screen performance. And we can see more potentially good-looking and talented idols turning into actors, too! They can make us flutter through their music video visuals, variety programs, and live broadcasts, sot he chances are high that they'll do better if they break into the drama scene and bless our TV screens. Just imagine the kilig it'll bring, right?

More acts breaking international barriers

The K-pop wave has never been this massive. Thanks to acts like BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT 127, MonstaX, and more, K-pop has successfully captured the Western market. A dedicated group under SM Entertainment called SuperM even debuted specifically for US fans. Hopefully, we see more of our faves reaching out to other parts of the globe for, you know, world domination, just as kings and queens do.

Our hopes for K-pop this 2020 might seem too ambitious, but isn't it too early to give up? The new year is just beginning. Let's hold onto our prayer circle for the brightest things to come our and our idols' way. Fighting!

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