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In Focus: All The Viral "Tala" Content That Got Us Hooked

In Focus: All The Viral


Released four years ago, Sarah Geronimo's song "Tala" has been receiving a new level of popularity as it becomes a viral dance challenge all over the internet! It all started when Bench Hipolito, a well-known impersonator of Sarah, performed the song at O Bar. After the outstanding performance, people just got obsessed with the song and uploaded their dance covers—and the rest is history. 

The craze began in the last few months of 2019, but it looks like it's continuing this year! As much as we love every "Tala" dance cover we watched, with the amount of talent and creativity some people showed in their videos, we couldn't help but have our favorites. From K-pop girl group MOMOLAND to AC Bonifacio, these are the covers that got us hooked! 


Since the K-pop girl group MOMOLAND is currently promoting in our country, we were treated to their own rendition of Sarah G.'s iconic track, and we couldn't be any more blessed.

2. Maine and Arjo

Real-life couple Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde didn't disappoint their fans as they uploaded their dance cover of "Tala," which didn't only show their dancing skills off, but also how adorable they are together! 



This 4-member P-Pop girl group 4TH IMPACT has proven that their game is still strong with their on-point version that will make you want to dance with them, too! 

4. Jollibee

Of course, a dance challenge in our country wouldn't be something you can call "trending" if every kid's favorite fast-food mascot Jollibee didn't dance to it. Look at how he got in the groove the moment he heard the song!

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5. GirlTrends' Krisha

GirlTrend member Krisha took the dance challenge to Australia, which showed that there's no doubt this craze will go global sooner rather than later, too! 

6. Dela Rosa Sisters

Give it to these girls to take the "Tala" dance craze on a whole other level! Watching it you might assume that they only filmed it in one location in South Korea. But, no, the Dela Rosa Sisters (Faye, Gracles, and Nathalie) filmed it in different spots across the country! From Nami Island to Gyeongbokgung Palace, this is one of the most creative "Tala" dance covers we've ever seen! 

7. UPM Indayog Dance Varsity

Although the group performed the song with a whole different choreography, we still couldn't help but love their cover because of how talented their members are! Since Sarah's team is planning to make a "Tala" 2.0, we do hope that they get some moves from this choreography.

8. Frozen's Elsa 

Besides celebrities, Filipinos are also widely entertained by animated characters! This edit made by TikTok account user _sardinass of Frozen's Elsa dancing to "Tala" totally made us want to hang out with this Disney Princess in real life!

9. AC Bonifacio

We all know that AC is one of the most stella dancers in our country, so when she uploaded her dance cover of "Tala," it instantly received positive comments from her avid followers! 


10. Police Officers

We have this image of police officers being serious people due to the nature of their job. That's why it's always fun to see them uploading their version of dance challenges like "Tala" and letting out their carefree selves once in a while! 

We're sure that like us, you still couldn't get enough of this catchy anthem! The fact that Sarah and Teacher Georcelle teased that they may be doing a new version of the dance means that this challenge is just getting better. Clearly, this wouldn't end anytime soon, so don't be shy and upload your cover, too! 

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