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In Focus: 6 Struggles We All Face After the Holiday Break

In Focus: 6 Struggles We All Face After the Holiday Break


The feeling of waking up without an alarm clock, eating leche flan and fruit salad for breakfast, wearing your PJs the whole day, and having zero responsibilities—the holiday break is undoubtedly something we all enjoy. That's why coming back to the office or school can give you major post-holiday blues. 

Even if you've binge-watched all the series in your list and missed hanging out with your friends, there's nothing that will make going back exciting after feeling comfortable and relaxed during the holiday break. Just by thinking about returning to our usual schedule is already exhausting. Perhaps you can relate to these struggles!

1. Going back to commuting

The best part of being on break is being able to stay home and do absolutely nothing. Yep, spending the entire day indoors is a dream that we now couldn't get back because we'll be thrown back to our daily commuting routine. This means those long queues, hours sitting in traffic, and worries about running late are our reality yet again.

2. The gym becoming ten times more packed

The holiday break consists of Noche Buena, Christmas Day feast, Media Noche, New Year's Day feast, and all the leftovers in between. Without a doubt, there's no such thing as "diet" when it comes to the holiday break. That's why most of our New Year's resolutions consists of getting back in shape. We start it off by working out as soon as January hits, which leads to the gym becoming ten times more packed. 

3. Sleep patterns needing to be fixed

The best part of the holiday break is being able to hit the snooze button every day and sleeping anytime you want! Whether you took two weeks or just a couple of days off during the holidays, your sleep schedule is now a mess. Just when you got comfortable with your vacation sleeping patterns, reality suddenly hits, and you have to be able to get used to waking up early again as usual.

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4. Forgetting what day it is

The thing about going on a break is that the days bleed over one another. You don't really care what day it is anymore, and there's nothing wrong with it. But it becomes a struggle when you're just days away from being back to your daily grind, and that Sunday night feeling creeps in but worse.

5. Not knowing where we left off before the holiday break

The first Monday morning after the holiday break can be the worst thing ever, especially if your mind and soul still haven't moved on from the bliss of not doing anything at all. It becomes more difficult when you open your laptop, see your to-do list, and start to struggle in continuing where you left off before the holiday break. Sometimes, it even feels like you've forgotten how to operate, which leads you to take an extra long lunch break as a reward for just being able to get out of bed today! 

6. Trying to get used to writing the new year

It's safe to say that writing the wrong year has been the most common mistake we keep on making after the holiday break. Most of us might have already written 2019 in our e-mails and spent the first few days of work with a 2019 calendar. We do admit that it's funny when you accidentally write it down in your planner, but it can be a struggle when you write down the wrong year on an important document!

The post-holiday break season can be extremely daunting, especially if you have no motivation to do the things you're supposed to do. But it's quite nice to know that we've experienced these struggles every first few weeks of the year, and we keep on surviving. So pull yourself together and crack a smile because you'll be your usual self again in no time!

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