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In Focus: 5 Reasons Why Being Single During the Holidays is Just as Awesome

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why Being Single During the Holidays is Just as Awesome


Love, in general, is supposed to be an all year thing—but during the holidays, especially Christmas and New Year, its presence is felt more and for some reason, it becomes extra special. This becomes more obvious in terms of relationships—the holidates and cheesy social media posts say it all. 

However, not everyone has their own S.O. during this season, and, if you’re one of them, there’s no reason for you to feel left alone. Being single at this time is just as great as having someone to share this with. Christmas and New Year can still be celebrated meaningfully, even if you’re just by yourself, and here some of the reasons why:

1. You can go on a quick spontaneous getaway.

Whenever you feel like taking a break and going on a spontaneous getaway during the holidays, when you’re single, no other suggestions should be considered except yours. Options on when to leave and where to go are all up to you. Although consulting other people’s recommendations are good, listening to your own ideas is sometimes better.

2. You get to spend more quality time with your family.

We all know that being with your family during the holidays is already automatic. But when you’re single at this time, you become more available than you usually are since there’s no other person you’re about to spend your hours with. With all your spare time during this season, you don’t just get some moment for yourself alone, you’re also gifted with more opportunities to bond with your loved ones.

3. You have more chances of catching up with your friends.

As we grow older, we develop more sets of friends. They may be your previous work colleagues, your college blockmates, gym barkada, or whichever group they’re from, keeping up with a lot of groups is hard as adults. So being single during the holidays, considering the amount of time you have and since you don’t have to go out with an S.O., is just as great. You may not have a constant ka-date, but with your friends, you will never run out of holidates this Christmas break!

4. The holidays can be all about you and your interests.

If you ever came across thoughts on trying out a new hobby like watercolor painting, seeing new shows, or reading more books, this holiday break is now your chance. Being with yourself alone opens up doors for your interests. Your down time can be instantly translated into moments of self-development and growth when you’re single! 

5. You realize how strong and independent you are.

No matter how great being single during the holidays seems, there will still be marupok moments, and that’s okay. Let’s face it, sharing this season with someone feels good but celebrating Christmas and New Year with yourself also teaches one valuable lesson: you are stronger and more independent than you think—you are your own source of joy and you've survived the whole year just by being with yourself!

Being alone this holiday break does not necessarily mean you’re lonely. Even if you don’t have your own S.O., your vacation is just equally awesome!

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