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7 People You Must Let Go of For the Next Year

7 People You Must Let Go of For the Next Year

The season’s festivity is enough excuse to prolong your cheat days and eat your heart out. But as you put on those holiday calories, how about you cut off on other things that had weighed your 2015 down?

In this edition, we list the seven people you should let go of this coming year—you can thank us later!


  1. The Doubting Diva

Ever since you’ve made mention of your plans to either go back to school or put up your own business, all you’ve heard from this person is a gazillion reasons why you shouldn’t. Look, a word of caution never hurts anyone especially if it’s from someone who truly means well. If it’s all doubts though, know better and stay away.


  1. The Midnight Booty Call

While we do not judge the act of hooking up per se, it might be best to rethink whether you are far better off without this person. Is being called up in the middle of the night for some quick rendezvous worth it or perhaps it’s time to see the light of day with someone who’s actually happy to take you out?


  1. The Two-Faced So Called Friend

Nobody wants a fake person, all the more a fake friend. If this person has a lot to say and can’t say it straight to your face, it’s not even worth your time or friendship.


  1. The Abusive Partner

If you’ve thought about leaving too many times but still couldn’t muster the courage to do so, maybe this coming year and its clean slate is a good push to just finally do it. You don’t have to wait for a year to end or a year to start, really. If it’s abusive and doesn’t make you a better person, get the hell out.


  1. The Rumor Monger

Trust and honesty are becoming rare commodities these days. The last thing you want in your life is to have someone spreading hearsays and damaging whatnots about you or even other people.


  1. The Weird Tinder Match

Or any weird guy from any of them online dating apps. Don’t get us wrong. Weird is good… to a certain extent. But if he sends unwanted photos on a regular or bugs you for anything you’re not comfortable with, you really don’t have to put up with that.


  1. The Unnecessary Person

Sounds a bit too generic but whether you notice or not, this person is in your life. He/she has a lot of unnecessary remarks and say about your life but doesn’t really do much to add value on your overall well-being. It may be wise to make space instead for people whom you can foster a two-way relationship with. 





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