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In Focus: 5 Homegrown Music Videos that Pierced Our "Marupok" Hearts this 2019

In Focus: 5 Homegrown Music Videos that Pierced Our


By Maan de Vera

2019 has been a great year for OPM. With great new releases from both our favorite artists and fresh tunes from new-comers, it’s safe to say that some of these songs will echo into the many years to come and we couldn’t be more excited.

They made us dance, fall in love, and even cry, and the music videos that came along them didn’t fall short in giving us all the feels.

Get your tissues ready because we’ve listed all of our favorites that our marupok hearts will certainly carry through 2020 and beyond.

1. "Pagtingin" by Ben&Ben

Falling in love with your friend is always tricky. It’s as if deciding between playing it safe or saying how you truly feel in exchange for something much better (the two of you ending up together) or way worse (your friend rejects you and ignores you forever.) While it may seem difficult to risk a stable platonic relationship, it wouldn’t be fair for you to put your feelings at bay and continue living with what ifs. But, that’s always easier said than done, right?

2. "Sandali Lang" by Endstreet 

Everybody changes and loving them as hard as you can won’t stop this from happening. You might not see those little differences in the way they act everyday, but, at one point, you may look back and realize that your person has turned into someone else. Those tiny shifts that were so easy to overlook has now turned into a major shift that both of you can’t undo. The saddest part is that the person that they become might not be the person that you want to be with or vice-versa.

3. "Huling Sandali" by December Avenue

One of the hardest pills to swallow is knowing that everything comes to an end. We may not know when for sure, but we are always at the brink of losing the people we care about. Every moment we spend with them can be the last which is why we need to make it count every single time. Because once it’s all over, we will be forced to carry on with our lives with only our memories of each other to keep us company.

4. "Hiling" by DELANEY

We all have the choice to fight for the people we love. However, not all of us are given the privilege to keep those that we fought for. We can give it our all and try with everything that we can, but we can never force what’s simply not there anymore. In the end, we must all learn to love someone to the point of letting them go if they want or need to, no matter how much we want them to stay.

5. "Kahit" by Autotelic

We may not see it all the time, but the purest of feelings are usually right in front of us in the faces of the people who choose to meet us right where we are. Love isn’t just about romance. More importantly, it’s about anyone who comes into our lives and cares for us in ways that we need to be cared for without any agenda or expecting anything in return. It’s about having relationships that give us comfort and security, one that we can always go back to whenever are lost.

It’s amazing how music videos can make an already beautiful song even more meaningful, and this is exactly what every item from this list did. They pressed at our vulnerable spots and reminded us of the beauty of our relationships along with the pain that comes with it!

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