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Hot Stuff: So, Which 'Manilennials' Character Can You Relate To The Most?

Hot Stuff: So, Which 'Manilennials' Character Can You Relate To The Most?

We’ve all grown up watching foreign shows representing the youth being churned out by Hollywood all these years. From Gossip Girl to Glee to Riverdale, it’s not hard to figure out why these stories are not exactly what the typical Pinoy can relate to on a personal or cultural level. Locally, millennial-themed series and movies are harder to come by, with local networks more interested to invest in guaranteed hits like romantic comedies or drama. Pinoy films about navigating friendships in the barkada found in gems like Bagets, Pare Ko, Trip, and The Reunion are few and far in between. Which is why it’s such a welcome treat to see the presence of the newest digital series found in iWant.

Manilennials focuses on the growing friendship between five young professionals (played by Ria Atayde, Fifth Solomon, Nicco Manalo, Chai Fonacier, and Mela Habijan) who all find themselves duped into attending the same networking meeting by their common friend Wanda. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a lighthearted series though. For instance, Manilennials doesn’t have any cookie cutter characters which is good because that doesn’t exist in real life anyway. All the characters have their ups and downs, with moments that make you root for them sometimes more, sometimes less. But here’s a short introduction to the five characters whose complex personalities all have some facet every millenial can actually relate to. 

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Missy, the inexperienced (Ria Atayde) 
Missy is a certified mama’s girl. Overly protected and a bit naive, it’s really not Missy’s fault she was raised by her single mom as an only child. As an aspiring lawyer, Missy wants to prove her worth while working in a new firm. As the office newbie, she tries her best to navigate a new world with the help of her newfound friends

Kiko, the heartbroken (Fifth Solomon)
In the aftermath of a very painful breakup, Kiko needs to find a job to keep his wallet and his sanity afloat. His head is always in the clouds, but thankfully he eventually starts moving forward, even if it’s at a snail’s pace. 

Ruth, the go-getter (Mela Habijan)
A hardworking small scale entrepreneur, Ruth runs a catering business on her own while trying to be the every supportive friend to the people around her. Despite her good intentions, she still has to struggle with daily prejudices against being openly transgender in the country way before the SOGIE Equality Bill was even heard of.

Art, the struggling artist (Nicco Manalo)
Call center by profession and aspiring rap artist at heart, Art tries to get past the more challenging times in his life through song. His hasn’t let go on his ultimate dream of getting a big break in the music industry but he has also comfortably settled into the dreary everyday  routine of his call center career. 

Yeye the lost soul (Chai Fonacier)
A struggling artist who is true to her craft, Yeye sometimes finds herself caught in her own emotions as she gives in to her different urges and ideas. Yeye is that crazy friend who isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd and doesn’t like showing her weak side, even to her closest friends.

Episodes of Manilennials is now available for streaming via

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