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10 Ways this year's Miss Universe is different (and how Pia Wurtzbach owned it)

10 Ways this year's Miss Universe is different (and how Pia Wurtzbach owned it)

The annual Miss Universe has always been one of the world’s most awaited beauty pageants. Every year, empowered women from all around the world compete with their beauty, wit, and confidence. And this year is another year like no other, especially for the Philippines. Aside from Pia Wurtzbach, the Philippines' representative for this year's Miss Universe, winning the title, there are so much to to remember about this year’s pageant.

1) Pia Wurtzbach's attires during the pageant

Candidates showcased their country and culture as they wear their national costume. From the gown, footwear, headdress, to the way they walk and talk, their country, not just them, speaks.  As for the Philippines, Pia, in her white Albert Andrada gown, exhibited the sophisticated yet elegant character of Filipinas.

Pia looked equally stunning as she showed off her toned physique during the swimsuit portion, where she wore a striped black and grey bikini.

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2) The increased presence of social media

For this year, fans get the chance to not just vote for their favorite candidate online (that caused technical difficulties for the Miss Universe website), but they also got the chance to ask questions to their favorite candidates through the official Facebook Page of Miss Universe.

This has been a definite game changer as it has made the whole Miss Universe pageant have a connection with viewers and fans. The connection is so close that fans got to ask all the possible questions they have in mind.


3) How Pia answered questions given to her through her Facebook take over

For a day, Pia took over the official page of Miss Universe to answer questions from viewers and fans. Her replies is proof that she is both beauty and brains. 

Ready, set, go! Miss Universe Philippines is here to answer your questions. Comment below, NOW!

Posted by Miss Universe on Tuesday, December 15, 2015


4) The First post-Trump Miss Universe Pageant

This year's Miss Universe pageant marks the first time that the well-known pageant is no longer owned by business mogul Donald Trump,who the Miss Universe Organization to mega-agency WME/IMG last September. For most, this has been a positive development amidst criticism of Trump's racism and misogyny during the time that he owned the franchise.

The best remark made during the night? "Thankfully, Donald Trump no longer owns this pageant!" remarked American gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who reminded everyone of this new era of Miss Universe.


5) The Road towards the Final 3

In previous years, Miss Universe contestants are trimmed down to the top 15, top 10, and top 5. For this year, however, they added a top 3, which made the competition more intense. Filipinos almost freaked out when Pia was the second to the last called for the top 10, and thankfully, she made it through all the way to the top 3. 

The Final 3: Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, and Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.


6) Pia's outstanding answer during the Question and Answer portion

Everyone awaits this part of the show, where the contestants (in this case, the top 3) are asked questions, and answer them in the best way possible. Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, and Pia were asked the question "Why should you be the next Miss Universe?"

Pia's answer? "Being the Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. I will use my voice to influence the youth. I would raise awareness on causes like HIV. I wanna show the universe that I am confidently beautiful with a heart." She indeed exemplify the best meaning of beauty and brains.


7) The intital reaction when Arevalo was proclaimed Miss Universe . . . 

Arevalo’s proclamation was such a memorable moment for the audience but host Steve Harvey’s retraction was remarkably surprising and unbelievable. In fact, it caught everyone off guard, including Arevalo, Jordan, and Pia.


The facial expression of both Harvey and Arevalo in this photo best summarize that major plot twist moment

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8) Pia's reaction when she was proclaimed Miss Universe 2015

We all should give it to Harvey for standing up for his blunder on stage as we all make mistakes. However, Pia's reaction to the "plot twist" of this year's Miss Universe is simply priceless.

Even Pia herself could not believe that she is indeed Miss Universe 2015! 

9) Pia's "crowning glory" moment

It took quite a while (42 years to be exact) for the Philippines to claim the Miss Universe crown once again, and Pia made it possible!

In fact, she was so confident on taking the crown, she tweeted this months ago:


10) Pia's class act post-Miss Universe

While the Philippines rejoiced as Pia accepted the crown, the newly-crowned Miss Universe 2015 sent her sympathies to Arevalo during the post-event presscon.

Even Arevalo accepted her fate for the accidental mix-up:

Both candidates showed the world how to be a class act in spite of the mistake made by the presenters. We are humans, after all.


Nationalism has become more evident as we show our support to our candidate. Kudos to Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach! True beauty really goes beyond physical attributes. It searches through one's character and attitude.

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***Photos from,, and Associated Press. Screencaps from Youtube channels of Miss Universe and Adam Man. 




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