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Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips for a Healthier College Life this 2020

Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips for a Healthier College Life this 2020


Get into college, and you're more likely to face the weight of the best and worst years of your school life. Yep, it can be both depending on how deep you'll fall into the pit of exams, sleepless nights and peer pressure that will come your way. We'd say, keep yourself in check and climb out fast before you drop down completely.

Stressing too much about things won't make you any less, well, stressed. It'll only make the situation almost impossible to get through. You wouldn't actually want to spend your remaining days as a student in misery, would you? A tough college life is boring, so make it healthier this 2020. Here are a few tips on how to get through it this year in a more responsible way:

1. Consider a budgeting app.

Just because your parents are generously giving you allowance, it doesn't mean you're entitled to spend it recklessly. You can use a budgeting app on your phone to make sure you'll have all things covered without overspending until your allowance is replenished. Don't let your momma down!

2. Bring packed lunch.

For bigger chances of saving, you can request a packed lunch if you're staying at home or you can wake up extra early before going to school to prepare one for yourself if you're living in a dorm. It's not only economical, but also guarantees healthier food choices. Moreover, it saves you time from answering that never-ending "Saan tayo kakain" dilemma. 

3. Use a planner.

College comes with loads of schoolwork. Before you even begin worrying over how you'll get all those things done on time, read this piece of advice: Plan ahead. Create a to-do list according to the sequence of your deadlines, from earliest to latest. If two activities happen to be needed on the same day, accomplish the harder one first. With all the courses we have, it's impossible not to miss or forget a thing or two. It's a good thing there's a planner to save the day.

4. Learn to say "no" to gala.

Five-hour break and your barkada is asking you to make a run to the mall. Say no. You might as well use this time to prepare for your next class especially if you have a quiz or a report. Your whole day class sched ends earlier than usual and here comes you friend inviting you to hang out. Use the "next time" pass and instead take advantage of the time to rest for the next day. You can always be with your friends, but it's opporunity like these that we don't always get.

5. Respect Sundays.

Unless it's part of compulsory school activities, do not attend if it's dated Sunday because as common knowledge tells us, Sundays are family days. If you're one to enjoy college too much then good for you, but let us tell you that that does not give you an excuse to ignore your filial duties to at least spend a day with them and thank them for supporting you through that hell of a week.

College shouldn't just be all about passing courses. We also have to learn to enjoy it. What's mastering all those theories if we don't get to live a happy and healthy teeange life. It could be our last chance before the reality of adulthood hits us. Make your remaining college years count! 

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