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Beauty Inspo: Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh This Holiday Season With These Tips!

Beauty Inspo: Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh This Holiday Season With These Tips!

Think of your makeup routine as building a house: painting the walls and adding furniture won’t matter if your foundation isn’t solid. So whether you’re baby-faced or have mature skin, a no makeup makeup fan or an all glam all the way gal, having a fresh, long-lasting base is the most essential step in any makeup routine.

First step is to prep your skin. Makeup has the tendency to settle into creases, so if your face isn’t properly cleansed and moisturized, your foundation may not be as seamless as it should be.

Next, choose your formula. Most foundations fall between sheer and full coverage. If you want to even out your skin tone a little, look for a medium-coverage formula. But, if you love your freckles, choose a formula that says sheer or hydrating or lightweight. And if you have blemishes or hyper-pigmentation, go with the formula that has more coverage.

In choosing the products, it is also very important to give your skin some love. For this, we recommend the BYS Full Coverage Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid.... any skin type. It bridges the gap between skincare and makeup by including ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated all day. Partner that with the BYS Full Coverage Camouflage Concealer for your dark circles and redness, and you’ve got the perfect pair.

Lastly, the way you apply your foundation makes a difference. An airbrushed, Photoshop-level look calls for a makeup sponge. Even, fuller coverage application, on the other hand, calls for quick strokes with a good foundation brush.

This season may be all about the bolder, trendier makeup looks, but remember that a strong base is important for keeping these awesome looks intact all day through the busy holiday rushes and parties.

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