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Cheat Sheet: Four Creative Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

Cheat Sheet: Four Creative Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

There’s no single way to celebrate the holidays. After all, Christmas means different things to different people. But if you want to switch it up a bit this year and celebrate it like never before, we have a bunch of suggestions!

Celebrate with kids from an orphanage. ‘Tis the season of giving! And if you really want to feel the spirit of the holidays, there’s no better way to do that than to spend it with kids who need the most. Bring food, toys, books, art materials, and be generous with your time. You’d be making the holidays extra special for the children, as well as for yourself. Bless your heart.

Gifts: Don’t buy, just DIY! Instead of going shopping, why not just craft and create the gifts that you’ll be giving? Nothing says “labor of love” more than DIY presents! These could be food, photo collages, handicrafts, digital artworks, or whatever else you can come up with. This way, you can save big time on cash without skimping on the warming their hearts part.

12 Days of Christmas: Don’t just sing it, live it! Have you found your true love? If you have, make their Christmas twelve times more kilig with twelve days’ worth of presents (it doesn’t have to be exactly twelve—you can just start at five or something and do a countdown)! The gifts don’t have to be grand, big, or expensive—these can be small, these can be anything, as long as they communicate “I love you.”

Greet ‘em with a cake! Greeting cards are nice and all, but if you want to kick it up a notch next this year, why not say “Merry Christmas” to your friends and loved ones with the ultimate celebration staple—a cake!

In Goldilocks, there’s always a cake for all kinds of parties and occasions!

Celebrations just don’t feel complete without it. So this holiday season, greet the people you love “Merry Christmas” with a Goldilocks cake!

No matter how you plan to celebrate Christmas, may you have a merry one this year!

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