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#ChalkAsks: "This Sem, Hindi na Ako..."



Rise and shine, sleepy heads. Holidays are over. Now, it's time to face the reality of going back to school for another fully loaded and back-breaking semester. Or maybe it would be one that's much easier to handle depending on how much energy you've regained during the break. The question is, did you rest enough?

You totally should have, because this one or two remaining periods could be your last chance to bounce back from failures or at least to become a better student that your parents could be proud of. Of course, you can make that happen. Just make sure you focus on putting that goal at work. Here, we asked a few college students to fill in the blanks for their New Sem resolutions: "This sem, hindi na ako _______."

"This sem, hindi na ko babagsak." - Mary, 19

This is definitely the best mantra to live by this year. What's the point of entering 2020 without being a little more positive. There's still hope in turning your grades around, as long as you put your heart into it.

"This sem hindi na ako mag-o-over watch ng Netflix." - Krisha, 24

We hope you've had enough binge-watchin over the holidays to finish all the series on your list, so you won't have any reason to ignore your school responsibilities this semester. Get that thesis done, girl!

"This sem hindi na ako magka-cram." - Carlo, 20

Cramming may sometimes work, but let's not risk another exam, okay? Enough of wasting wasting time; instead, use it wisely by studying each subject one by one. You can do it!

"This sem hindi na ako magcucut." -Cloie, 23

You're gonna miss school when you graduate, believe us. So don't take any class for granted—at least to make more memorable moments with your blockmates.

"This sem, hindi na ako magsa-samgyup." - Pat, 24

Nobody can say no to samgyupsal, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but bear in mind that there's also nothing wrong with making your school dinner a bit practical hence saving your allowance.

"This sem hindi na ako magiging tamad." - Rencel, 17

Wake up on your alarm, go to school, study. Being lazy doesn't make you look cool.

"This sem hindi na ako magse-stress eating." -Bea, 24

We may never be able to avoid the comfort that food can bring us. But we definitely can avoid stress. Keep a positive attitude and company. Avoid anything that may cause you that unhealthy eating.

"This sem hindi na ako magpo-procrastinate." -Andrea, 20

Life is too short, stop delaying things that should be done according to deadline. Let's get the word "procrastination" off our to-do list, now! 

"This sem hindi na ko male-late." - Sab, 20

You wouldn't want to do another mea culpa, do you? Much more get special mention in front of the class this new semester. Then, be on time.

"This sem hindi na ko mangongopya." - William, 23

This is one thing that should have been stopped a long time ago, obviously. It's a good thing you still have 2020 to work on it. Dishonesty won't get you anywhere but a bad place you will regret, trust us. 

The pressure, stress, and old habits will always come to haunt us, and that's normal. What matters is that we don't give in, at least, not completely. Take it nice and slow. You'll get there; we know because we're rooting for you. 2020 is your year, claim it!

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