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Cheat Sheet: 6 Fashion Resolutions that Are Actually Meaningful

Cheat Sheet: 6 Fashion Resolutions that Are Actually Meaningful


New year, new you. Does it mean new clothes, too? 2020 is already here, and, of course, we all have that desire to switch up our styles. Whether it's to be a braver fashion risk-taker or to bring out our personal styles more confidently, it is only natural that we become more conscious about our fashion choices.

But before you consider running to the nearest mall and buying new clothes, how about you take a moment to read our few fashion tips and get the bigger picture if you want to do your sartorial resolutions right? Check out our recommended resolutions, and be a wiser fashion cosumer this 2020!

1. Declutter your closet.

It's hard to let go of the sentimental pieces but, if it no longer fits, let it go. Put it in a donation box alongside the ones you no longer use, those you've never once used, and others that you never see yourself using. While those with holes and irremovable stains, recycle.

2. Organize a garage sale.

This is an alternative if you're short of cash or saving up for something. Sell your already unwanted outfits but remember not to overprice. Keep it realistic. Garage sales won't only give something to your pocket but also space to the new piece your eyeing.

3. Don't buy stuff that you already have.

White and black tees, denim jackets, black pants, white sneakers—these are all staples. But that doesn't mean you should buy two or more of each. Instead of doubling the pieces, maybe you can alot it to getting your hands on the basics you still don't have that can sure to rescue you in times of emergency. Also, those trendy pieces? Don't buy multiple and similar ones because they'll just come and go.

4. Say "no" to impulsive buying.

Spur of the moment sounds risky for shoppers. If it's not part of the plan and the budget, don't buy it. Steer clear of malls or even online sales. Really, it helps in shutting down the temptation. Stick to your needs, period.

5. Reduce your consumption of fast fashion.

Yes, they may be cheap and accessible, but fast fashion is not sustainable. You only need to watch a couple of videos and docus to realize how much fast fashion can be damaging to laborers and our planet. Instead of buying three tops from your go-to retail store that will easily go out of style next season, we suggest investing in quality pieces produced in a much more conscious way.

6. Love local.

The answer to ditching fast fashion? Well, you don't to look further than homegrown brands, designers, and companies. Yes, they may be a little bit expensive than what you're used to, but you will be sure that they're beautifully crafted in such a way that will help our local artisans as well as the Philippine fashion scene grow. You know what they say, "para sa ekonomiya!"

Whichever of these fashion resolutions work for you, you're definitely headed to nowhere but a more organized wardobe revamp, not to mention, practical. Win, win! Ready to get 2020 started in the most purposefully stylish way?

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