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In Focus: Christmas Memories We Miss from Our Childhood

In Focus: Christmas Memories We Miss from Our Childhood


People grow, people change, and  so does how we do things around us. Take celebrating the holiday season for example. Sure, we still eat Noche Buena with the fam, exchange gifts, go to Simbang Gabi; the traditions all stay fine and same but put the word "easy" away.

What does Christmas was like when you were a kid? We don't know about you but we remember spending the four-month-long festivity assisting in decorating our homes, singing for pamasko from one neighbor to another, and the actual day playing around while we wait for the arrival of the guests, and the time to finally unwrap our gifts under the Christmas tree. We can't even recall the last time the holidays were that uncomplicated.

Come on, admit it. You miss these childhood memories as much as we do: 


We used to have a group of impromptu choir with improvised instruments on hand every holiday season to go house-to-house and serenade our friendly neighbors in exchange of a coin or two. Unfortunately, adulting is too strict to allow us to do that now.



How much we regret neglecting this lucky red envelope back then for the sake of toys we can't no longer make use of today, you won't understand. We're young innocent kids, we didn't know what we're doing. Here's to wishing mom still gets to find one in our pocket after a whole day of running around with the cousins. Oh, those days...


You might be able to tell who your friends are for life, but it does not go the same with your ninong and ninangs. If before "pagmamano" was a secret reminder for them to drop us our aguinaldos, it's now turned to being just a simple form of respect. At least that's a compliment, right?

Santa Claus

The phrase "Santa Claus is coming to town" doesn't sound so exciting and convincing as it used to be. You know when nanay and tatay connived to surprise us with a gift from Santa? Or that time one of them dressed up as the iconic Christmas figure? We appreciate it, really.

Noche Buena together

What happen to the past Christmas eve soirée when we still sat down with complete family members on the dining table to feast on our Noche Buena? It was a beautiful memory. However, our working status sometimes isn't letting us to repeat that all over again.

Christmas is in fact much simpler and easier during our childhood. And we find it amazing how other people of our age or older are still able to do all these things now. Maybe we really can, it's just a matter making time and effort. But even if we can't, we can at least make sure that each Christmas is going to be filled with happiness one way or another.

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