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In Focus: 4 Social Media Habits to Ditch in 2020

In Focus: 4 Social Media Habits to Ditch in 2020


It's no secret that the internet can be a toxic place to be in. But we have to admit that nothing of those intolerable rantings, humble braggings, never-ending selfies, and toxic hatred can get us away from the social hub. It has become our refuge as much as it is our hell on earth, truth be told.

But what is truer is that we should respect the fact that everyone has all the rights in the world to access social media platforms and post their stories on it whenever or however they want. That's one rule of freedom of speech. But if there's anything we can do to make each timeline an even better place, it's to consider ditching these unnecessary habits:

1. Cancel culture

There is no upside in gathering mass alliance online to boycott and invalidate the reputation of a person, famous or not, just because they have a different opinion than yours or even for doing literally nothing. What do you think does that make of you? A woke person who preach awareness? Nah, girl, it proves you're apathetic towards someone's views and even their mental health, to a certain extent. It's time to get the #CancelCultureIsOverParty started.

2. Call-Out Culture

Imagine how you'll feel if your username gets dragged into other people's public tweets and trends for a not so pleasing reason. It'll bring you mixed emotions: hurt, frustrated, shameful, scared—definitely all the negative feelings. We get the importance of pointing  out someone's mistake, but how about we do it the right way and just slide into their DMs? Perhaps, this is where world peace starts.

3. Clout mentality

There's no doubt that people will do anything for money, fame, and influence. In the social media lingo, netizens will do anything for followers A.K.A. clout. They will take sides in feuds, favor popular belief, create clickbait materials, pit people against each other, and basically try to get some attention. Well, here's a proper suggestion: save your energy to being a more relatable and inspiring netizen instead. Chase your truth, not the clout.

4. Fandom wars

"Can your fave do this?" might sound like a simple question, but, in terms of fandoms, it's problematic. Stop comparing artists, debating with other fans, and taking screenshots of their posts to generate war and elevate your idols to untouchable levels. The thing is that you can't and you don't have to. If you don't like what you see, keep scrolling. If it insults you in behalf of your idol, you can hit the block or mute button. Or better yet, drop that overly competitive attitude and just focus on stanning your faves.

Things can get out of hand on social media, but we can still save ourselves. We only have to do things differently, disconnect from negativity, and cultivate a healthier community. And we couldn't think for a better time to start than now. 2020, let's get it!

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