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The Six Fix: What To Do If You’re Spending The Holidays Alone

The Six Fix: What To Do If You’re Spending The Holidays Alone


With all the picture-perfect Christmases that movies and films show us, society is unconsciously telling us that being alone on this holiday is a tragedy. Yes, it can get lonely. But the real reason why we look at it like this way is that no one knows how to be alone during the holidays.

We believe that when we're alone, we face our deepest and darkest thoughts, which will only lead us indulging in a depressing saga. However, we're here to tell you that you can have a pleasant Christmas, even if you're you're on your own. Whether you're stuck in your dorm or your family is away, here are six things that you can do to feel a little less blue.

1. Treat yourself.

We're all aware that Christmas time is all about being together with the people you love, but if you're spending the holidays alone, then you might as well be a little selfish and treat yourself! From pampering yourself with some spa treatment and buying yourself new clothes to just staying in your pajamas the whole day and getting some much-needed sleep, do it because you deserve it! 

2. Watch something other than Christmas movies.

If you're someone who enjoys watching Christmas movies even if it's not Christmas, then we're not going to stop you. But if you're feeling a bit down because you're spending Christmas alone, we advise you to avoid watching one as much as possible! Whether you want to binge-watch a new show or go on a chick flick marathon, you don't have to be reminded that it's Christmas while you're Netflix-and-chilling.

3. Learn something new to cook.

One of the things that we anticipate the most during Christmas is the home-cooked meals our parents are making. Since you're alone this holiday, it's going to be very tempting to buy some food at the nearest fast-food chain, but trust us when we tell you that it's going to be more tasteful if it's something you cooked from scratch. Take this as a sign that it's time for you to learn how to cook some delicious dieshes like your mom does! Plus, you get to pick up a new skill and entertain yourself in the kitchen.


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4. Have an at-home pamper sesh.

You have to admit that there's just something so magical when you light some candles, put on relaxing music, and put your skincare products to good use. Alone time is pamper time, especially when you want to destress from the hectic year that just passed you by. Perhaps, this would also serve as a reminder to put your wellness first in 2020!

5. Do something you've never have done before.

Whether you are sad or happy that you're spending the holidays by yourself, make this time of the year memorable by doing something you've never done before! Whether you want to hike, get a tattoo, or bake, do something out of your comfort zone. We promise you that you won't regret ending the year by ticking one last thing off your 2019 bucket list!

6. List down the things you're thankful for this year.

Since this is the perfect time of the year to reflect and look back, why not list everything that you've been thankful for in 2019? We're sure you've achieved a lot of things and survived a lot of happenings this year that you never thought you would, and it's not easy. That's why you deserve to be told that you've done a great job, even if it comes from yourself. Perhaps, it would make you feel better to replace that air of loneliness with a sense of pride and gratitude!

We can't promise you that you won't be sad spending Christmas alone, especially if it's not your choice. But this isn't the time to mope around because there's always something that you can do to lift your spirit. Here's to hoping that you still carry joy in your heart no matter how you're spending the holidays, and may you welcome 2020 fearlessly!

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