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Daily Diaires: A Day in the Life of a Digital Video Producer

Daily Diaires: A Day in the Life of a Digital Video Producer


At this day and age, people would rather watch a two-minute video than browse through pictures, look at an ad, or read an article. It's because of this that most companies are looking for people who can work in new media. As much as there are less pre-production, production, and post-production process in the digital world, it still requires a lot of patience and versatility. One of the jobs that are now in the new media industry is a video producer who call the shots and can make things happen! 

As someone who graduated from the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, 23-year-old Hans Christian Arguil has always been enthusiastic about working in new media since he took a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Arts and took a Video Editor internship at DZRH News Television, which is now known as RHTV. That's why when he graduated in October 2017, he immediately applied at Star Cinema as a Video Producer. He got hired and has been the man behind most videos uploaded on their YouTube Channel. 

The reason why Hans chose this job is that he likes a good challenge and, at the same time, allow him to explore his interest in writing. "Since my first day at this job, it has been making me grow in the best way possible." His work isn't a 9-to-5 job, so he gets to the office at around 11 in the morning. "I live in Makati, but I knew it would be a waste of time stuck in traffic if I go to work from there. That's why I moved near the office, so I can start writing scripts immediately. But before I do write, I do some research first." 

His scope of work is mostly-related to Star Cinema films, so one of the perks of his job is watching them while at work. "I write scripts for Star Cinema's YouTube channel, so I'm required to watch the film that I need to produce before I can fully start producing. It's my favorite part because I get to do something I truly enjoy, which is watching Star Cinema films." 

The scripts he does usually has a schedule to follow, so there's a definite deadline he needs to keep in mind. "A short script for videos like Top 5 best scenes of a certain movie usually takes an hour or two to write, while a long one like Top 25 loveteams round-up takes three to six hours. It already includes the visualization of the graphics, music, and video clips that we will use in the video."

Everything that he writes isn't only dependent on what he researched and watched, but also with the theme they choose to follow in that month. "Since it's scheduled in advance, most of the scripts I write are 'advanced' videos, so we usually align the videos with a theme that suits the month like Summer for May, Love for February, and New Year for January. And if there's a new movie about to be released, I also write scripts for related videos to be uploaded on our channel." 


Depending on the monthly load, Hans can do a minimum of two scripts a day. "Besides writing and editing scripts, I also do voice over from time to time and have an alignment meeting with our head every two weeks. Since we're required to work 10 hours a day, my workday usually ends at around 8 or 9 pm. To wrap up, I try to finish 50% of a script for the next day to maximize productivity."

There is a certain amount of pressure in Hans' job since Star Cinema has a big audience to cater to. "Any small mistake can cost Star Cinema their revenue or even our jobs, that's why it's our responsibility to always be careful about the content we choose to produce and upload."

Despite this big responsibility, Hans is grateful to be able to work with the industry's brightest talents, see his favorite stars, and be one of the video producers of the country's biggest channel. That's why if you're interested in becoming a Digital Video Producer, you have to be ready for the creative problems you're bound to face, but Hans says he can assure you that this is something you will enjoy! 

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