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In Focus: 4 Simple Ways to Give Back This Christmas

In Focus: 4 Simple Ways to Give Back This Christmas


You sure have a lot of blessings to count this year. It could be passing the semester, surviving your first job, getting a promotion or maybe a raise. Whatever it is, there's so much to be grateful for. And what better way to express our appreciation over the great things we've received this year than to give back?

Sharing what we have takes up a lot of pure selflessness, generosity, and willingness to sacrifice time. Will you be able to drop everything and devote your efforts for the good of others? Of course, you can, because touching, and perhaps changing, people's lives doesn't require an 8-hour hard work day. There's so many simple ways you can do it, and this Christmas is the perfect time to give it a shot. Take cues on how to share the love this season below!

1. Donate.

Use your available resources. Let's say, organize your closet and sort out the pieces you need and those you won't use anymore then give the latter away to foundations or even calamity victims you may know of. Old toys, spare school suppiles, canned goods, or cash will do well, too. It doesn't matter how little you can give, we're sure it'll make a big difference.

2. Volunteer.

Offering your service for a charitable purpose doesn't have to be major like crossing borders. You can just join a public outreach for children in need, arrange a simple Christmas party in a senior care center, volunteer at your alma mater, assist in your neighborhood's green project, or serve at your church during Simbang Gabi. Who knows, you might be able to inspire others to the same thing, too!

3. Go local.

How about put your love for shopping to good cause by supporting Filipino-made products? You definitely have a list of loved ones you want to buy gifts for, and we suggest you look for those that are made by our very own homegrown artists and entrepreneurs. Love local this Christmas, and we're pretty sure that you'll receive the same love back!

4. Treat your parents.

You've helped the underpriveleged and the environment, we see. So needless to say, there's no excuse for you to miss giving back to your parents who, you shouldn't forget, primarily helped you become who you are today. Take them out to dinner, movie, or for a stroll in the mall. Make them feel extra loved, and top it all off with a hug and kiss them "thank you."

As you can see, there are so many ways to pay it forward. But bear in mind that it shouldn't stop when the holiday season is over. Everyday is a great time to let the angel in you fly. Happy holidays!

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