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In Focus: 5 Ways We Experience Holiday Anxiety and How to Deal with Them

In Focus: 5 Ways We Experience Holiday Anxiety and How to Deal with Them


Holidays usually signal excitement for many because it means that we're finally having our much needed vacation. But that's not entirely true. This season also comes with unwanted feelings of anxiety that we just can't avoid. Well, we're so used to being busy with school work or office tasks surrounded by deadlines and orders, so perhaps that's why.

To suddenly break free from our regular kind of day could put a certain pressure on us when it should've been what we always sought for. Just imagine leaving your assignments behind, and instead contemplating on what you can present your family, friends and godchildren this Christmas? We can't believe we're saying this, but that seems more grueling to think about. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, though. No matter what kind of anxiety you're going through, you can definitely deal with them as brave as ever. Here's how:

1. Family reunions

Hosting or attending a family get-together is a given during the holidays, but we understand that not all feel like doing it. Especially when the probability of your intimidating and tactless relative attending is high. What if they tell you you're getting fat? Ask you why you still haven't graduated? Or when you're getting a boyfriend? The best way you can do is to stay calm and ignore it. Just pay them respect, don't answe,r and subtly show them you don't care what they think by biting on the biggest piece of Lechon you have on your plate.

2. Godchild rights

For sure, one or two of your inaanaks will drop by at your house and silently cue you about what they're there for. And sometimes, they (or their parents mostly) will guilt you for missing their birthdays. Well, before this even happens, you better come prepared. List all the names of your godchildren during your Christmas shopping to make sure you'll got them something, even if it's just a stuffed toy or a piece of school supplies. You don't have to make it big. It's that thought that counts right, Kumare?

3. Budget

You might've worked hard or saved up the last couple of months until the day we get ready for gift-giving and realize our budget won't be enough for all. Should we just cut down the list? We can tell you yes, but we know it'll be tough to choose who will be this year's sacrificial lambs. The easiest solution is to buy similar useful and affordable items in bulk for each age gap. Hankies for the teens, yes? Financial pressure is real, and we got to be practical.

4. How to spend your break

Social media feed is filled with everyone's posts on their out of towns, staycations, and such. And you're at home scrolling on your phone and worrying if you're just wasting you're vacation. Our take: you're not. As long as you're not doing anything school-related and not getting tired, then you're using your time wisely. That's what vacay is all about after all, to unwind and to be stress free. So stop getting jealz over how your friends are spending theirs. Better yet, take a step back from the internet and just get that much needed alone time!

5. Unfinished work

No one ever wants to work on the holidays. Nevertheless, we have to admit that the moment when December creeps in, our minds go straight to vacation mode that we slowly start to neglect the projects that need to be submitted, exams to be passed, and proposals to be approved. If you've done what you can to finish your tasks, then good for you. But if there's still that inexplicable feeling that there's so much work that needs to be done and you don't deserve to take some time off, here's what we can tell you: C H I L L. Everyone else (including your professors and bosses) is gladly taking a break, and so can you.

Not everything has to be merry during the holidays, and we're here to tell you that it's okay. But if you can loosen up in any way or form, then we're all for that. No pressure, though! Just enjoy the holidays however you can!

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