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Cheat Sheet: 3 Christmas Gifts for Your S.O. If You're Broke

Cheat Sheet: 3 Christmas Gifts for Your S.O. If You're Broke


By Maan de Vera

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, "stressful" may be the right adjective if you're running low on the cash. As if looking for the perfect gift isn’t hard enough, Christmas shopping for your S.O. is 100% harder when you are on a tight budget.

But, worry no more, because we are here to give you all the right ideas to make your beau feel special without breaking the bank! 

1. Letters, scrapbooks, or anything crafty and personalized

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Handwritten notes still have its magic even though we now live in the digital age. In case you’re not into expressing your thoughts and feelings through letters, then it’s time to bring out the art supplies and make a scrapbook of your favorite photos, quotes from the movies you watched together, lyrics from your favorite songs, or anything that reminds you of your relationship throughout the year.

2. Love coupons

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Giving out love coupons is definitely an endearing way to make someone feel loved. Just make a list of things you’ll both enjoy, and write them down into a piece of paper which will serve as a coupon that your S.O. can redeem anytime. Just be careful in making sure that you are okay with every item that you put in there! Once done, just put them in a booklet and you’re all set for more bonding sessions and adventures in 2020!

3. 12 date ideas

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This means that you will give your S.O. a list of activities that you plan on doing with them for every month of the incoming year. This will not only show that you are confident enough that your relationship will last for another year, this will also give the two of you something to look forward to in the many months to come. Remember to take the time to think of realistic date ideas that you would both love!

If ever you're feeling nervous in giving these unorthodox gifts to your favorite hooman this year, be reminded that thoughtfulness doesn’t have a price tag, and the best presents are those made from the heart. Perhaps even a kiss under the mistletoe is enough!

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