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In Focus: 8 Eco-Friendly Products to Gift This Christmas

In Focus: 8 Eco-Friendly Products to Gift This Christmas


In one year, there are more than one billion sea creatures that die because of plastics and other chemicals we use, which takes 500 to 1000 years to be degraded. Thankfully, we are starting to become more aware that things need to change. Living by example is the best way to help preserve the environment, so even by using recycled or sustainable materials on your own, you can already make an impact at home or among your closest bunch.

If you want to help more people to jump on the zero-waste movement, then start with your friends and family this Christmas by giving them the eco-friendly products listed down below that are stylish, trendy, and sustainable! Plus, these brands are produced by local artisans and entrepreneurs, so you're hitting two birds with one stone. Shop away!

1. Alamat Vision Board Desk Monthly Planner from Jacinto & Lirio

There's nothing better than being organized and sustainable all at the same time, and Jacinto & Lirio's Alamat Vision Board Desk Monthly Planners (P1,673) will give you just that! Inspired by our country's folk stories and lovingly handmade from water hyacinth, these  desk planners also have a corkboard dream board, interior secret pocket for paper, and magnetic folder closure which allows you to be reminded of your vision board regularly while you plot your daily activities. Jacinto & Lirio also produce other sustainable leathergoods like ID laces and wallets!

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2. Baylan Handbag from Siklo Pilipinas

Made by the eco-friendly local brand Siklo that repurposes tires, the Baylan handbag (P2,750) isn't your typical everyday tote because it has a rip-stop fabric with EVA rubber bottom pad for extra support, multiple pockets on the sides, and a large rubber mesh pocket for your 13-inch laptop. It's also waterproof, so you can bring it with you no matter the weather.

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3. Macrame Feather Philippine Cotton Earrings from Yakang Yaka

With products made by different indigenous tribes in the Philippines, brand Yakang Yaka has the most exquisite craftsmanship! Recently, they joined the Fashion Revolution Philippine campaign #whomadeyourclothes which promotes ethical fashion—so any item that you plan to get from them will be a tremendous help to the environment. Aside from their adorable pillows and bags, their Macrame Feather Philippine Cotton Earrings that look so soft stand out the most.

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4. Icing Body Butter from Rraw PH

Loving your body means saving it from the chemicals found in the cosmetic products you use. That's why we're so grateful that Rraw PH exists, which is an Iloilo-based brand that aims to provide naturally-made products and help animals in need. One of our favorite products is their Icing Body Butter (P299), which looks like a multi-colored fluffy icing that leaves you feeling soft and smooth all day long. They have other hand-crafted products like lip scrubs and clay masks, for all your girlfriends, too!

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5. Personalized Plates from Pettyjohn Pottery

Owned by the lovely couple Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn, Pettyjohn Pottery is famous for their beautifully-crafted pieces that you can use on your households such as this plate made with the elements of fire and clay. Pettyjohn Pottery makes their clay almost directly from the ground, which makes every product they produce eco-friendly.

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6. Foldable Tall Cups from Kool PH

Created for sustainability, portability, and stylish ergonomics, Kool PH helps you get started in making a positive impact to our nature with their chic and trendy yet functional products. Their most popular one is their Foldable Tall Cups (P299) made from safe and recyclable materials that are perfect for your coffee-dependent friend.

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7. Anti-acne Facial Oil from Finn The Label

We're always on the look out for skincare products that are reasonably priced and do wonders to our skin, and Finn The Label got all of those things for us! They offer a wide range of everyday essentials made with locally grown ingredients that have minimalist packaging. Once you've used up the product, you can have it refilled at their pop-up shops. The ideal gift to give to your beauty junkie babes this season is their Anti-acne Facial Oil (P400,) which is made of frankincense infused in locally sourced virgin coconut oil and grape seed oil!

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8. Lakbayan Take-out Adventure Set from The Bamboo Company

With their goal to create a better world one step at a time, The Bamboo Company offers better alternatives to everyday products like their Lakbayan Take-out Adventure Set (P2499.) It's a package of their most loved products, the Lakbayan Tumbler, Bambaunan, and Bambootensils.

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Whether you're planning to buy recycled goods or naturally-made beauty products, using environment-friendly products every day is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone this Christmas because you're not only giving them something long-lasting, you're also helping our planet to be a better place! 

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