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The Six Fix: Beautiful Things Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Doing

The Six Fix: Beautiful Things Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Doing

For a woman, society’s standards of what is ‘acceptable’ can be a bit overwhelming. It’s no wonder why you feel a little ashamed when you find yourself doing these six perfectly normal things:

1. Catching up with the latest style trends. Remember that chic athleisure outfit you’ve been eyeing? Or that fashion week-approved ensemble you want to pull off? How about that body-hugging dress that will highlight your curves? You want to try them all, but you feel you’re not cool enough or thin enough or pretty enough. So you settle for what everyone thinks you should wear instead of allowing the inner fashionista in you to take over.

2. Courageously bouncing back from a breakup. There are a lot of reasons why couples break up. But mainly, it’s because they’re not the best for each other anymore. So cry for a while if you have to. Go on a hugot-filled retreat for a week if necessary. Once you’ve already accepted that it’s over--for real--get the confidence to move on. Embrace the possibility of meeting someone new! Don’t hold yourself back just because your previous relationship didn’t work. Painful experiences teach us valuable lessons. Perhaps, the lesson is for you to become a better person--and for you to choose a better lifetime companion.

3. Traveling alone. “It’s not safe.” “You’ll get lost.” “You won’t make it”. As an adventure junkie, you probably encountered these comments whenever you attempt to explore on your own. You understand and appreciate other people’s concern, but honestly, this stops you from leaving your comfort zone. So instead of going out and discovering new people and places, you decide to stay put for everyone’s peace of mind. When actually, you can take good care of yourself! And when you think about everything you’ll gain from your travels (new friends, new memories, new points-of-view), it outweighs all the risks.

4. Speaking your mind. Almost all online platforms give you a chance to say what’s on your mind. But you keep mum about the latest social issues. Not because you have nothing to share, but because you don’t want to offend your family, friends, and peers. You feel that speaking your mind can make or break your image. So instead of standing up for what you truly believe in, you’d rather stick to safe topics. But honestly, with everything that’s happening in our country and around the world, maybe now’s the best time to share your thoughts! You have a voice, and it’s powerful. Use it well.

5. Being proud of your achievements. You’re #FeelingBlessed and want to post online, about the new bag you worked hard for, or about the pounds you finally lost after switching to an active lifestyle. But you’re afraid that some netizens will think you’re humblebragging and #flexing unnecessarily. So instead of sharing your life’s milestones with the world, you keep joyful moments to yourself. Sure, there’s a fine line between boasting and celebrating. But it boils down to your intention. If you want to post something because you want to inspire others, we say go for it!

6. Loving your own kind of beauty. “Felt cute, might delete later.” You get a nice shot that captures all your best angles. Yay! But then you get scared that people might call you GGSS (gandang-ganda sa sarili), as if you need to be 100% free from breakouts, dry skin, wrinkles, dark underarms, and other “flaws” before changing your social media DP (display photo). So instead of embracing your unique beauty, you delete a selfie that celebrates self-love.

Honestly, these are normal things that women CAN do if they want to. Judgy people, societal pressures, and double standards shouldn’t stop you from loving yourself. Work on that youthful glow and smooth skin if you have to. But never, ever, be ashamed of your own kind of beauty. Have the self-confidence to #flaunt it because you can. And you should! Be one of the inspiring women who promote #GandangWalangHiya like the women in Myra’s very relatable video.

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