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Now Showing: 'Unbreakable' On A Friendship That Defies All Odds

Now Showing: 'Unbreakable' On A Friendship That Defies All Odds

I went in cold into the theater with nothing but the poster about the film Unbreakable, starring Bea Alonzo, Angelica Panganiban, and Richard Gutierrez. I was expecting another love triangle of sorts based on the image on the promo teasers, but I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up to be a film not mainly about the usual infidelity plot but so much more. In fact, this film helmed by Mae Cruz-Alviar has so much to say but what message does it exactly really want to come across? Let’s run it down.

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The opening scenes establish how Deena (Bea Alonzo) and Mariel (Angelica Panganiban) became besties or in their own endearment terms—‘Mamees’—and a teaser on how they seemed to encounter a glitch in their friendship. The pace is on steroids which I think is just at the beginning, but then it seems to sustain it as the film goes along. I am instantly intrigued given the two hour screen time. +1

The first act is a lovely display of friendship and how Deena and Mariel’s bond becomes stronger in time through their early debacles and altercations. Their relationship becomes a testament of how acceptance and genuine love can surpass any obstacle in life and fortify a friendship such as theirs. +2

As expected, Angelica Panganiban plays the wild child in the twosome’s friendship and eventually the manic pixie dream girl in a not-really-a-love-story kind of film. Everyone already knows that this is Panganiban’s territory and so she hits the ball out of the park as usual in this role. +3

Bea Alonzo, on the other hand, again, as expected, plays the responsible one in the friendship playing the savior who seems to always get Mariel out of trouble. But then, she is faced with quite a challenge when it comes to her romantic relationship with beau Richard Gutierrez—in the person of her mother-in-law played by Gloria Diaz. For some reason, her in-law hates her guts and becomes a thorn in their relationship and her life in the film, in general. +2

Gloria Diaz plays the worst mother-in-law to Bea’s character, in film history What’s worse is when Mariel becomes a daughter-in-law, too, as she ends up with Richard’s brother in the film—Ian Veneracion—this monster-in-law develops a weird fondness for her out of nowhere despite her mischievous nature. This makes life even so much harder for Deena. In conclusion, the only solid reason why she loathes Deena is her social status. Their confrontations and an eventual catfight, however, become highlights for suckers of melodrama. +1


Though quite expectedly as seen in the poster, it's bound to be a love triangle of sorts through some of the most extremely unfortunate cliche settings. What’s admirable though is at the end, all’s well that ends well as they put all differences aside and become magnanimously forgiving for everyone’s welfare. Love and friendship once again rules at the end of the day. +2

With a total of 11 points, I was still baffled at the plot twists of this film and the challenges that the characters had to go through making it one of the most unfateful films I’ve ever seen. I was hoping that it was going to delve into the causes of depression and mental health, but it didn’t quite go deep enough to those lengths. Nevertheless, it presented a good time at the cinema to let you escape from reality and realize how lucky we are with our boring lives to not experince what the film’s characters had to endure.

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