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In Focus: Here's What Nadine Lustre Has to Say About Being Dubbed As Our "President"

In Focus: Here's What Nadine Lustre Has to Say About Being Dubbed As Our


From Nadine Lustre's rise as an actress and all-around celebrity to her evolution as our generation's role model and life peg, it's only fitting that we dub her with names such as "queen" or even "president." Sounds about right, because Nadine surely embodies everything we aspire to be in our 20s!

During the contract signing event of Careless Music Manila, we got a chance to have a quick chat with the stunner and ask her opinion about being called as President Nadine. Of course, she's grateful to her fans, but, at the same time, she's also clueless as to how it all started. "I don't really know, bigla na lang siya nangyari." 

Nadine explaines, "Feeling ko, the reason why they think I'm their President is because they can relate to me. Hindi kasi ako 'yung klase ng tao na hahayaan na magkaroon ng image yung mga tao sakin. I'm an outspoken person, so if there's anything that I like or don't like and I agree with or disagree with, sinasabi ko talaga." 

Indeed, Nadine is a true leader for the simple reason that she's authentically who she is. Here, we further break down why we see her that way!

1. She exudes girl power.

If we're talking about the main characteristics that every president should have, it's someone who believes women are equal to men, which is something Nadine already does! Despite being the other half of a loveteam, she doesn't lose her identity as an artist. We rarely see celebrities who are in a loveteam that can stand alone, and the fact that she's able to do this just proves that she's going to places without needing a man.

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2. She's not bound by society's standards of a celebrity.

Besides being recognized for her morena beauty and superb acting skills, Nadine is also loved for her no-filter personality! In our country, celebrities always conform to a certain image, especially female celebrities, that they need to be prim and proper all the time. But Nadine breaks that unwritten rule by being true to her style, her artistry, and her overall disposition in life. She doesn't care about what other people say about her, but she knows how to keep it professional when it's needed. 

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3. She inspires us to achieve our goals.

From collaborating with BYS for a makeup line to having two films in one year, Nadine is one of the most hard-working celebrities we know in this industry. She's already famous, but that fact never stopped her from bagging more achievements every single year. Most of us want to have that kind of drive, so seeing Nadine reap the fruits of her labors truly spark that passion in us.

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4. She's represents our country through her craft.

Nadine isn't only famous in the Philippines, but also in other countries. Just recently, she attended this year's Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) in Singapore, where she walked the red carpet with oozing glamour as one of the representatives of the Philippines. Despite losing to India's Shefali Shah, she went home with a smile on her face because she was able to represent our country, proving she's someone who we should be proud of. That's our President right there!

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5. She admits that she's not perfect.

What we love most about her is how she's unapologetically herself, even if people are bringing her down, but it doesn't mean that she never had moments when she wants to shut the world out and be with her emotions. We're aware of her mental health journey, and she's not afraid to tell her fans that she has dark days, too. As a celebrity, it takes courage to admit this and seeing her being honest about makes us feel less alone. 

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From being stunningly admirable woman on the surface to stripping herself from pretentions and empowering us from within, Nadine continues to be an inspiration to every single one of us. Cheers to our President, and here's to hoping that we can all be inspired by her in the most positive ways!

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