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Cheat Sheet: 5 Hacks to Shop Like a Pro on 12.12

Cheat Sheet: 5 Hacks to Shop Like a Pro on 12.12


The 'Ber months truly bring out the shopaholics in all of us. And those monthly online sales make it even harder for us to resist the temptation. Yes, our wallets and bank accounts may largely suffer from the aftermath, but we're here to rescue you from being a victim!

12.12 is here, so here are five hacks to equip you and let you shop in the smartest ways possible. Check out our tips and tricks below! Happy shopping!

1. Do some social media snooping.

Prior to the sale, try stalking your favorite brands on social media to see if they've got any 12.12 discounts and deals. Keep an eye out for bloggers and influencers who may also give out codes for even bigger discounts!

2. Buy products that you wouldn't usually buy on a regular shopping spree.

Admit it: we all have those essentials that we do need but pass on for the sake of buying things that we want. For example, you usually treat yourself with shoes come payday or when you've saved enough from your allowance. But what you truly need is a shoe rack to store your immensely growing collection. Instead of getting yourself another pair of white sneakers like you always do on any regular day, this is the time to buy something you actually need. Trust us when we say that you'll be proud of that purchase. #Adulting!

3. Set up accounts on different sites or apps before the sale.

Ahead of the sale, make sure to sign up to the sites you're targetting to shop from, create a profile, and fill up all the details such as your shipping address and mode of payment. This way, you wouldn't be wasting time typing up when you can just be checking out! Plus, you might even get further discounts if you're registering for the first time!

4. Paying through credit card is the safest option. 

If you don't have your own credit card, it would be better if you can borrow one from the adults in your family. Why? Because, considering the chawaos that would hit these online sites and merchants, there might be a chance that there would be a glitch in the transaction. If that happens, the bank would end up footing the bill as compared to you shouldering the cost when you use a debit card.

5. Use a cashback app.

Hallelujah! After doing all that shopping that may put some guilt on you, the good news is that you can actually get some money back from your purchases! Take ShopBack for example. This platform allows users to earn up to 30% cashback every time they make an
online purchase which perfect for the upcoming 12.12 madness! Whether you're shopping on Lazada, Shopee, Agoda, or even on FoodPanda, ShopBack is offering some sweet deals to make your 12.12 shopping experience even more rewarding. Click here to know more about ShopBack's 12.12 offers!

Go forth, 12.12 warriors. And may the odds be ever in your (wallet's) favor!

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