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In Focus: 5 Tips to Stay Safe When Commuting

In Focus: 5 Tips to Stay Safe When Commuting


They were not kidding when they said that the world can be a dangerous place. As much as we want to believe in the goodness of humanity, look confident on the outside, and even wear whatever we please, news headlines continue to warn us otherwise. Robbery, kidnapping, rape, killing, name it, and you'll most probably hear an episode of it or two everyday.

Where do we get our dream world peace, really? Anyways, while it's still far from coming true, we might as well focus on what's workable at the moment: Our safety. This is especially for regular commuters who are always in the face of unpredictable life outside their homes. Here are some helpful tips we should keep in mind:

1. Stay where you can be seen.

Commuting isn't the time to fear crowded places. Stick to where there are many people, who could turn as witnesses, can see you. Exposure isn't usually the offender's favorite thing.

2. Walk under the light.

Dark places could be real-life horror settings, yes. We have no intention to scare you, but trust us when we say it's best to walk where establishments or street lights could make a difference, even just in the atmosphere. 

3. Hold on to your belongings.

Forget about looking cool for a second and cling to your valuable belongings for dear life. Something as simple as putting you backpacks in front especially when lining up in terminals can make you less of a target. Hide your gadgets, wallets, and any other luxury that might attract attention. 

4. Be equipped.

You have no guaranteed ally and savior during commutes but yourself. So taking the risk to get your hands on pepper sprays or tasers is becoming a necessity. Train stations however prohibit the possession of it. Sharp objects such as ballpen could do too, so put it where it can easily be accessed.

5. Remain vigilant.

As judgemental as it may sound, we must remind you this with no regrets: Don't talk to strangers. We don't know who's who these days. If it can be of help, at least choose what you say, where you do it, and stay vigilant. It's better to be safe than sorry.

We understand the risks of commuting. And while the government, the law, and its enforcers are to some extent exploring actions to ensure our safety, we shouldn't be complacent and dependent. We must protect ourselves at all costs.

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